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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Leak – HBO Hacked

Last updated on August 21st, 2017 at 09:14 am EST

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Leak – HBO Hacked

The Spoils of War (The Leaks of Hack)

News of HBO being hacked spread like wildfire yesterday, and today the leaks have been made public. The scripts from Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4  are available for download. The rar file also has scripts for the already aired Episode 3. Below is the text from the leaked pdf files. Let us go ahead and take a look at Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 leak.

Update – 10th August 2017

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 Leak (Scripts) from the HBO Hack.

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Spoilers

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Leak – Source

Star India has confirmed that the Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 was leaked, hence it was not part of the HBO hack.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Leak – HBO Hacked

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The Spoils of War (The Leaks of Hack)

We see Jaime and Bronn leaving Highgarden, Jaime keeping close watch over a massive loot train made up of wagons filled with gold ingots, sacks of gold coins, etc. Jaime informs Bronn it’s all for the Iron Bank, the Lannisters always pay their debts.

In Bran’s chamber, Littlefinger tells him that he’s there for him, to protect him and anything he needs to just ask. He would have saved his mother if he could have and he’ll do anything for her children. He says he can only imagine what Bran has gone through and how hard it must be to come back home again only to find such chaos in the world, Bran says chaos is a ladder, his affect flat and detached. Later Bran talks with Meera. Meera informs him she’ll be leaving to go back home to Greywater Watch because when the Army of the Dead comes she wants to be with her family. All Bran has to say is thank you and Meera gets very upset, that’s all he has to say? She comes to realize what’s happened to him (he’s now the Three-Eyed Raven) and she says to him that he died in that cave.

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Brienne is suspicious of Littlefinger when she catches him smiling as he watches Meera leave. She tells him that if he tries to harm any of the Stark children that she’ll cut him in half.

In Dragonstone Jon takes Dany, Missandei and some Dothraki guards to a cave where they meet up with Davos. With torches they follow the tunnel to a deep underground cave and we can see the walls and ceiling of the cave are shot through with a motherload of dragonglass. Jon tells them it’s all they could ever need and that he’s very happy with their progress. Dany takes a torch and starts off deeper into the cave on her own. Everyone begins following her, Jon advising her to stop as it’s not safe. She eventually comes into a smaller cave that has a wall of all dragonglass and there’s a spiral carved into the smooth black rock. They move deper into the space to find more spirals and more mesmerizing patterns like aboriginal art – the images replicate symbols we’ve seen throughout the series. Jon says the Children of the Forest made them and he sees a drawing of five small figures with daggers in their hand, when wondering who they are fighting, they eventually move a torch to see the unmistakable representation of the Night King with five White Walkers behind him.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Leak – HBO Hacked

Tyrion and Varys enter the cave to inform Dany that they’ve taken Casterly Rock, but neither of them look happy. Dany is furious when she hears the news about what happened. She tells Tyrion that they’ve lost Dorne, the Iron Islands and the Reach due to his strategy. Maybe he really doesn’t want to hurt their enemies (his family) after all? She says she wants to fly her dragons to the Red Keep and then asks Jon what he thinks she should do since she’s in a war and clearly is losing. He tells her if she takes her dragons to melt castles and burn cities then she’s no different than the others that came before her.

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Arya arrives to the gates of Winterfell but the guards give her trouble and refuse to let her in, they say Arya Stark has been dead for years and years when she tells them who she is. Ultimately they come to see that they’ll get in trouble for refusing her if she is who she says so they let her in. The guards argue about who should go get Sansa (Arya is shocked to hear the news that she’s alive and the one in charge while Jon is away) and while they’re arguing she sneaks away. The guards are with Sansa and tell her what happened, saying they’ll find Arya. Sansa says no need, she knows where Arya went. She goes to find Arya in the crypt looking at the statue of their father. Sansa tells Arya that Bran is home too but Arya can tell by how she says it that something is wrong.

Sansa and Arya go to Bran, Bran tells Arya he saw her at the crossroads, thought that she might go to King’s Landing. Both the girls then spot the Valaryian steel dagger and ask where he got it, he informs them it’s from Littlefinger and that he gave it to him because it  was the one that was used to try to kill him after his fall. He then hands it to Arya, saying hedoesn’t want it, it’s worthless for a cripple. Sansa watches the exchange, upset that he didn’t give it to her.

In Dragonstone Davos and Jon are walking along the beach and Davos asks Jon what he thinks of Dany, hinting that Jon is attracted to her. Jon tells him there’s no time to think about such things. They then see a Greyjoy ship in the distance – the ship with Harrag and Theon Greyjoy. They arrive to shore and Theon asks Jon if Sansa is ok – Jon tells him yes but then pulls him close and tells him what Theon did for her is the only reason he’s not killing him right then and there. They ask him about Yara and when they hear Euron has her they ask why didn’t he take Theon as well? Harrag thinks that’s a great question and looks at Theon waiting for an answer.

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We’re with Jaime and Bronn and the wagon train during the day at Blackwater Rush. At a certain point, they hear what sounds almost like a tidal wave, ocean surf crashing but they are nowhere near a beach. The noise grows louder and the eventually see a swarm of Dothraki at full gallop charging towards them, screaming for blood. Bronn tells Jaime to go back to King’s Landing and Jaime says he won’t leave his army. Drogon then hurtles down from the clouds, Dany riding him. She approaches and screams Dracarys

Drogon’s fire blasts the Lannister line, tons of foot soldiers, mounted officers and wagons filled with gold and food. Jaime knows they are doomed if they don’t do something about Drogon, he informs all the archers who are left to line up their shots. Arrows whiz towards Dany, Drogon belly rolls to protect her – the arrows bouncing off of his scales like Nerf darts.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Leak – HBO Hacked

Jaime then realizes that one of Qyburn’s “scorpion” weapons is in one of the wagons – he can’t shoot it with one hand so he tells Bronn to go get it. On his way to the wagon Bronn runs into someone who is a better fighter than him. Dickon Tarly ends up saving Jaime. Bronn ends up hiding in a wagon, the Dothraki soldier eventually finds him and climbs in with him, once his eyes adjust to the lighting he sees Bronn aiming the scorpion weapon directly at him – he fires and kills him. Bronn then pulls the tarp off of the wagon and begins to reload the weapon.

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Tyrion then walks into view escorted by bodyguards and looks over the entire battlefield. We’re then with Dany on top of Drogon while she’s surveying the scene and an eight-foot bolt whizzes past her head. They realize that Bronn has something that could harm the dragon. While Bronn is reloading (a job for two men) Drogon starts to head towards him. Bronn ends up reloading in time and pulls the trigger, the bolt hits Drogon near his shoulder. Once Drogon comes out of his spin, he’s near the wagon and looks back to Bronn. Bronn is no longer hopeful, he jumps out of the wagon. Drogon immolates the wagon and the scorpion weapon, Bronn rolls to safety escaping the fire by inches. Dany can tell that the bolt hit Drogon in a place that hasn’t done any real damage.

Jaime has no idea that Tyrion is nearby, he’s watching Drogon who has landed near the river. Dany climbs down and tries to dislodge the harpoon. Jaime can see this happening and realizes that they are just a few hundred yards away, distracted and vulnerable. He could win this war in a single run. The elegiac shots make one thing clear to us: one of our favorite characters is about to die. But which one? Jaime takes off on his horse, Tyrion watches “Oh you idiot, you fucking idiot”.

Dany yanks the harpoon free of the scales and tosses it aside. She then turns and sees Jaime coming. Drogon then sees him too and as the fire starts coming out of his mouth, Bronn gallops in and leaps from his saddle, tackling Jaime off of his horse and they both fall into the river. Underwater surrounded by drowned men floating alongside of them, they look up to see the flames above the surface. Jaime looks down and sees dead soldiers trapped on the bottom, the weight of their armor holding them down.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Leak – HBO Hacked


Scripts Leak


A massive ‘loot train’ extends for miles and miles into the distance, heading up the Roseroad from Highgarden to King’s Landing. LANNISTER troops have bled the former Tyrell stronghold dry and the wagons are full to bursting – some with gold and jewels, more with great stores of food (the last great stores of food to be found in Westeros before

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We move further on up the loot train to find RANDYLL then JAIME on horseback, triumphant in victory, but haunted by Olenna’s revelation in the previous episode. BRONN approaches and rides alongside him. Jaime asks if he took the share promised him. Bronn nods, but frowns doing s o . Jaime sighs, resigned. They’re going to have this conversation again, are they? Hell the fuck yes, they’re going to have this conversation, Bronn replies. Jaime is incredulous.

He gave Bronn a very large bag of Highgarden gold! “No, I earned i t ! ” Bronn replies, “But more importantly, I earned a fucking c a s t l e ! ” Jaime replies h e ‘ s short of castles at the moment. “What about that one?” Bronn asks, pointing back to Highgarden. Jaime laughs: Bronn doesn’t want Highgarden. Bronn begs to differ. Jaime patiently explains that the Lannisters can’t hold Highgarden, not now, anyway. Daenerys will surely take it back and i t ‘ s not worth fighting over now that they’ve plundered all its resources. Jaime reminds Bronn that the saying is “A Lannister Always Pays His Debts”, not “A Lannister Always Pays His Debts Quickly.” His best hope of living in his dream castle is helping Jaime and Cersei defeat Daenerys. Talk turns to the future. “Let’s say we’re able to beat Daenerys back,” Bronn asks, “What then?” Does Jaime think he and Cersei can just rule happily? Create a new dynasty? An
age of prosperity? “Why not? I t ‘ s possible.” Jaime replies. Jaime’s seen enough war to last two lifetimes. When their enemies are finally destroyed, once and for all, there might just be a chance for a peaceful life. Brenn’s not convinced. The Lannisters have pissed off too many people for too many
years — if Jaime thinks he’ll ever be free of enemies, h e ‘ s crazy.



CERSEI meets with TYCHO NESTORIS, along with QYBURN. Cersei informs Tycho that hundreds of chests of Highgarden gold are on the way to King’s Landing. The Lannisters’ debt to the Iron Bank has been paid in full, with interest. Tycho is delighted and, once again, impressed with Cersei’s ingenuity. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. He supplies Cersei with a fat new line of credit to acquire and supply new, larger armies and navies. Qyburn already has made overtures to the Golden Company — a massive mercenary force in the east who will fight ruthlessly, if the price is right.

Tycho takes his leave, along with Qyburn.


“Bran! Bran.”
Bran snaps out of his vision. MEERA is staring at him. He stares back at her for a moment. Bran’s room is spartan, undecorated, not homely. He sits in his new wheelchair. Meera clearly wants to say something but doesn’t have the heart. But Bran already knows: “You’re leaving,” he says, flatly, “You’re going back to Greywater Watch.” Meera nods,
tears welling up in her eyes. She misses her home and her father so much. It was her duty to make sure Jojen found
Bran. And it was her duty to help Bran achieve his destiny and get home safely. But Bran doesn’t need her anymore and her duty must be to her family now. All Bran can do is stare at her, emotionless. I s n ‘ t he going to say anything? He says “Thank you.” That’s it. Meera doesn’t know how to respond. “Thank you?” Her brother died for him. Hodor and Summer died for him. Meera nearly died getting him home. She endured unimaginable suffering and she still doesn’t understand why. Bran wishes he could explain it to her. But he c a n ‘ t . He can only say thank you. And goodbye. Meera stands, heartbroken. The Bran she loved died in that cave. Bran doesn’t contradict her. She turns and walks out of the room out of his life, and out of the series.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Leak – HBO Hacked



Littlefinger watches Meera ride out alone from the courtyard.

Time to strike.




BRAN sits in his room, per his usual, staring. He turns around when he senses a visitor: LITTLEFINGER.

Lord Baelish apologizes for disturbing Lord Stark. Bran responds that he is not “Lord” Stark. Littlefinger nods, a
slight smile on his face, taking that statement in and weighing what it means, before pressing on: ” I ‘ v e wanted to meet you for some time, Brandon. I knew your mother and father. And the uncle you were named for-”
Bran interrupts him (non-aggressive, still passive): “You fought him in a duel because you loved my mother. He wounded you.”

Littlefinger is taken aback for a brief moment at Bran’s interjection. Yes, he did love Bran’s mother very much. And
he is devoted to her children. He hopes Bran will come to rely on him as his sister has.
Bran continues to stare at Littlefinger. We might note that this is rather unnerving for Littlefinger. H e ‘ s good at
reading people’s inner thoughts… but this kid is tough.

Littlefinger presses on:
“What it must have been like for you… forced out of your ancestral home, wandering the wilds of the North… I can’t
imagine what horrors befell you there.” Littlefinger is trying to get Bran to talk about his adventures, give him
some kind of clue about what happened and why h e ‘ s acting the way he is … but nothing. “It must be strange now, having to come back to Westeros at such a turbulent, chaotic time.”

Bran looks Littlefinger in the eye: “Chaos is a ladder.”

Littlefinger is rarely shaken, but hearing this boy speak his own words back to him chills him to the core. But he recovers quickly, smiling his smile … and then he draws a dagger from his belt.

Bran doesn’t flinch. And it turns out there was no reason for him to. It immediately becomes apparent that Littlefinger doesn’t intend to do Bran any harm, at least not in this scene. The dagger is a gift, a token of Littlefinger’s
esteem. Loyal viewers will recognize it as the dagger that was used for Bran’s assassination attempt way back in episode 1 0 2 .

Littlefinger hands Bran the dagger, relating how the assassin tried to cut the comatose Bran’s throat with it, how Catelyn bravely fought the assassin, and how the question of who this dagger belonged to led to war. He hopes the dagger will serve as a reminder for Bran that his mother loved him dearly. Bran informs Littlefinger he doesn’t need a reminder, but he accepts the dagger just the same.

Bran regards the dagger, thoughtfully, turning it over in his hands. He says nothing more to Littlefinger … who decides h e ‘ s had enough of talking to this creepy kid for one day. He nods, respectfully, and exits the godswood.
Bran continues to gaze at the Valyrian dagger … and his eyes roll back in his head for a BRAN VISION MONTAGE:

Tyrion defending himself to CATELYN in the Vale (ep 1 0 5 )
” I had nothing to do with the attempt on your s o n ‘ s l i f e ! ”

CATELYN giving the dagger to Littlefinger and Varys (ep 1 0 3 )
“There’s only one dagger like this in King’s Landing. I t ‘ s mine.”

SER RODRIK examining the dagger in the godswood (ep 1 0 2 )
“The blade is Valyrian steel. The hilt dragonbone.”

The ASSASSIN attempting to kill Bran with the dagger; Catelyn fighting him o f f ; SUMMER saving the day (ep 1 0 2 )

And, lastly, the final moments of episode 1 0 1 . Bran stands in the tower observing the familiar scene as it plays out.

He isfinally able to see what happened – and who pushed him from that tower. He watches as his younger self is discovered by Jaime; watches as Jaime utters “the things I do for love”; watches as Jaime shoves him out-


Brienne confronts Littlefinger. She isn’t fooled by him. She knows h e ‘ s up to something and s h e ‘ s watching him. Brienne sees it as protecting Sansa, but s h e ‘ s also doing this behind Sansa’s back. A fact Littlefinger could point
out. Littlefinger has just been rattled by Bran and now Brienne rattles Littlefinger a little bit more here.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Leak – HBO Hacked


DANY and MISSANDEI (with a Dothraki escort) walk (or ride slowly) along the beach. Dragonstone’s castle can be seen behind them. Dany hasn’t seen Jon since she agreed to let him look for the Dragonglass. Jon has finally discovered the motherlode, working off Sam’s map, and invited Dany to show it to her while i t ‘ s still pristine, before a bunch of grimy
mining goes on. When they arrive at the mouth of the cave (being mined the old-fashioned w a y ) , they are greeted by DAVOS, who leads them down into


an ancient, glorious CAVE, deep beneath the ground – a cave made of dragonglass. Torches have been set up throughout the space by Jon’s men and their flickering flames play off the cave walls, giving the place a mystical, almost sacred quality. Dany and Missandei stand in awe of it.

JON SNOW awaits them and greets Dany courteously. Jon had a specific reason he wanted Dany to visit this cave. Would he mind coming with her? What he has to show her is in a smaller area, which can (conveniently) only fit two. Dany
hesitates for a beat but agrees to let Jon escort her.


Jon, holding a torch, leads Dany into the smaller cave. He extends his hand to help her down. She regards it for a beat
– she doesn’t need his help – but takes it anyway. Eventually, they reach the back wall of the dragonglass cave, which shimmers in the torchlight as Jon shows her what h e ‘ s discovered:

Markings on the wall. ” I wish my friend Sam were here,” Jon remarks, ” H e ‘ d probably be able to tell us exactly what they mean.” But Jon knows his northern history enough to know the spiral rune-like markings were made by the First Men and the

Children of the Forest. Dany doesn’t know about the Children.

“The Children of the Forest and the First Men fought each
other for years. Until they realized they had to band
together to defeat the White Walkers.”

Jon’s tone is different this time. H e ‘ s not lecturing Dany or shouting at her, h e ‘ s simply telling her the truth, as he sees it. Dany regards Jon – she finds his passion and sincerity appealing – there are subtle seeds of mutual attraction under the surface. But she doesn’t commit to any more than s h e ‘ s already promised.


Jon and Davos escort Dany and Missandei out of the mine and they step out on to the beach to find TYRION and VARYS waiting for them, looking very unhappy. Word has arrived from Grey Worm. H e ‘ s taken easterly Rock. Dany wonders why Tyrion is delivering this as “bad news.” Tyrion explains that Jaime played him. He let Dany’s Unsullied take easterly Rock without a fight while the Lannister force sacked Highgarden. Now the Unsullied must march across the continent to return home. Olenna Tyrell is dead. House Tyrell is no more. And the wealth of Highgarden is being plundered.

An impromptu ‘Dany council’ meeting begins then and there, on the beach. Dany is stunned. And s h e ‘ s pissed. Jon tries to bow out of the conversation – this is not his fight – but Dany wants him to stay. The White Walkers might be coming but Cersei is waging war now. The Lannisters have taken out all of Dany’s Westerosi allies while she sits here on Dragonstone doing nothing. She has a massive army and, more importantly, three huge motherfucking dragons. It ‘ s time she used them.

Tyrion urges her not to do this. A dragon attack will only work if s h e ‘ s riding one of them, leading the charge. Dany
can’t risk making herself an open target. And there’s the perception issue to consider, as well. What will Dany look like if she sets these dragons loose on the capital? Or anywhere in Westeros? Or even on Lannister soldiers? She’ll
be starting her reign from a place of fear, not love and she needs the people’s love if she hopes to rule effectively.
Tyrion wants her to corrunit to the long game. The best course is to call Grey Worm and the Unsullied back and lay siege to King’s Landing as planned.

Dany asks Jon what he thinks. Jon replies that these dragons are magnificent creatures, the stuff of legend. He never
thought h e ‘ d see one in the flesh and they’re even more extraordinary than he dreamed. And it was Dany who gave them life. He can’t believe she did this so they could be used to burn towns, kill innocents, or even roast foot soldiers. They have a higher purpose. She has a higher purpose. Dany, weighing the choice before her, glances upward at her
dragons in the distance, patrolling the skies.


Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Leak – HBO Hacked


ARYA STARK stares at Winterfell looming ahead on the crest of a snowy hill. A home she hasn’t seen in years and a lifetime. She pulls her cloak tighter against the cold and presses on.


Arya approaches the gate, barely noticing the two young guards until they bar her path. No strangers permitted in the
castle in winter. Arya could easily kill these two nitwits, but instead she declares that s h e ‘ s Arya Stark of Winterfell come home at last. The guards look at each other and laugh. Arya Stark is dead. Arya tells them to send for Maester Luwin or Ser Rodrik, they can vouch for her identity. Neither guard knows who those people are. Must be dead, or made-up. Arya asks for Jon Snow. Her brother. The King in the North. The guards do know who he i s , but unfortunately h e ‘ s not in Winterfell. Arya is getting fed up and the idea of knifing these two guys is more and more appealing One last chance for them: she asks who’s in charge of Winterfell while Jon’s gone.

“Lady Stark.”
Arya is confused for a moment. “Lady Stark” always meant “mother” to her. “Which Lady Stark?” she asks.

The guards regard her as one would regard an idiot. “Lady Sansa Stark.”

Arya didn’t know Sansa was home, much less ruling it. “Tell Lady Sansa that her sister is home.” The guards think this crazy little girl is probably full of shit. But if s h e ‘ s not full of shit, they’re gonna get in
trouble. They open the gate.


The guards tell Arya to sit there. Right there. As the guards argue for a few seconds over who has to go tell Lady Sansa about this, Arya takes in the courtyard. She has probably thought about this place every single day, for years. The Stark banner flapping on the walls. Stark soldiers pushing a supply cart through the snow. The catwalk balcony where her father used to stand. When she left this place, she was a little girl. She is a little girl no longer. The guards finally settle on who has to go tell Sansa about this girl. When they turn back to Arya, she is no longer there.



The two guards have just reported to SANSA. It looks bad for them. They told the girl to wait, and she just vanished, somehow. She was probably an imposter. They promise they’ll find her. But if the girl was really Arya, Sansa knows where she would go first.



Arya stares up at the statue of her dead father. Without turning: “Do I have to call you ‘Lady Stark’ now?” Behind Arya, Sansa freezes. How did Arya know she was there?

“Of course n o t . ”

Arya turns and looks over Sansa. “It suits y o u . ” Arya smiles at Sansa and Sansa smiles back but i t ‘ s awkward, especially since neither of them moves toward the other. They were never the hugging type. After a beat, Arya turns back to the statue and says that the last time she saw Sansa was at the sept, for their father’s execution. Sansa didn’t know Arya was in the crowd. Sansa doesn’t know a lot of things about Arya, like where s h e ‘ s been or what s h e ‘ s been doing. Arya assumes Sansa should understand: she killed Joffrey after all, didn’t she? Sansa uncomfortably admits she didn’t, not in the way Arya means. Arya is disappointed. Finally Sansa embraces Arya and Arya returns it, because it doesn’t matter how they were as kids, they’re sisters and grown up and i t ‘ s all different now.

When they move apart, Arya looks around the crypt. Is Bran down here too? Sansa averts her eyes. Bran’s not dead. H e ‘ s come home, too . . . well, kind o f . Arya wants to know what Sansa means. What’s wrong?




Sansa brings Arya to the godswood. I t ‘ s covered with a thick blanket of snow. She has told Arya all about Bran’s new abilities and persona on the way here so we don’t need to go over it again. Bran sits in his wheelchair, staring at the
weirwood tree.

“Bran,” Arya calls out tentatively as the sisters approach, asking if anybody’s home.

Bran is unsurprised to see Arya. “You’re early. I thought the storm would slow you down.” Arya looks at Sansa, who shrugs:
toldja, h e ‘ s a weirdo. Arya sees a glint, and finds the dragonbone dagger. Arya’s eyes widen. She knows her blades, and recognizes a priceless artifact discarded like a child’s toy.

“This is Valyrian steel. Where did you get this?” No answer from Bran. “Bran! ”

Bran is bored of talking about things he already knows. And he knows everything. “Littlefinger thought I ‘ d want i t . ”
Sansa doesn’t like Littlefinger having private conversations with her brother, or anyone. “Littlefinger is not that generous. Why did he give it to y o u , ” she asks.

“Because it was meant to kill m e . ” Arya and Sansa share a look. Bran could as well be talking about the weather for all the emotion this elicits from him. Arya asks Bran if he knows who wanted him dead, and Bran says no. Arya prods Bran: he could find out if he wanted, though, couldn’t he? Bran admits he could. He probably will, at some point. His lack of concern with vengeance mystifies Arya.

Thanks to the Faceless Men, Arya i s n ‘ t as unaccustomed to magic or as disturbed by it as Sansa. Magic is just another tool, and here is her brother, possibly the single most magical being on the planet. Why i s n ‘ t Bran doing more to help their family? Arya can think of a hundred ways she’d use Bran’s powers better than him. Echoing S6 Bran, she wouldn’t just lie in bed. Bran blankly watches Arya work herself up. He calmly tells her he doesn’t care who wanted him dead, because that man doesn’t matter. Her list doesn’t matter, Winterfell doesn’t matter, House Stark doesn’t matter. Only the war to come.

Growing up, Arya and Bran enjoyed the childish intimacy that comes of similar age. But Arya tried and couldn’t be No One: s h e ‘ s “Arya Stark of Winterfell,” dammit. When she hears Bran say none of that matters, she knows they’re so far apart in worldview that there can be no coming together. Sad, but life. Arya looks at Sansa. Time to go. She hands the dagger back to Bran but he refuses it. H e ‘ s sure Arya will find more of a use for it than he will. Arya nods and thanks Bran. Sansa watches Arya place the dagger in her belt.



Arya and Sansa wheel Bran into the courtyard. Whatever we are, whatever we’ve become, we’re together. Everyone around
them is happy to see the Stark kids reunited. Brienne watches them from a distance. Pod remarks on how Brienne fulfilled her oath to Catelyn Stark. Brienne is happy.

Elsewhere in the courtyard, an unhappy Littlefinger watches Sansa reunited with her siblings. Can’t keep a good Stark down… But damrni t , h e ‘ s going to try.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Leak – HBO Hacked


A handful of ships sail into the harbor flying the Greyjoy kraken. Missandei and Jon share a look. As far as they know, all of Yara’s fleet was destroyed, and these aren’t fleet-y enough to be the Iron Fleet. Jon and Missandei head down to see what the waves washed in.




As he enters the courtyard, Jon hears the gate being raised. That’s odd. He hurries over to the gate to find Theon entering with a few Ironborn, including HARRAG. Jon is surprised to see Theon, but not as much as Theon is to see Jon. From Jon’s face, Theon realizes he was right not to go to Castle Black with Sansa.

Jon says he thought Theon died in Euron’s attack, and Jon’s tone says that it wasn’t an unpleasant thought. Theon
acknowledges he should have died, but here he i s . Story of his life. He reveals that Euron took Yara prisoner and h e ‘ s come to ask for Dany’s help to get her back. Jon considers Theon, and asks why Euron didn’t take him too. Harrag thinks
this is a good question, but for Theon this is an awkward question, as Jon suspected it would b e . Jon lets Theon hang for a moment, then says that whatever the case, Daenerys i s n ‘ t here. Theon is confused.

“Where is she?”

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Leak – HBO Hacked


Jaime and Bronn watch the loot train snaking into King’s Landing a mile or so away. Randyll rides up, grumpy. He doesn’t like turning so many soldiers into wagoneers, i t ‘ s stretching their patrols too thin. Jaime agrees, but without Highgarden’s wealth and food they won’t have an army to patrol. Randyll reports that almost half the wagons have entered King’s Landing. A few more wagons, and the city will be able to withstand a siege as long as winter. Jaime is sure Cersei will be very happy to hear this.

A shadow darkens their faces. They look up to see Daenerys Targaryen and Drogon dive out of the sky and strafe the loot train with dragonflame. Chaos ensues. Wagons, horses, and men go up in flames or are just blasted into ash. Several dedicated shots show the wagons stuffed with food going up in flames. To make matters worse, thousands of Dothraki screamers crest a ridge in the distance, riding hard and howling for blood. Jaime springs into action and jumps on his horse. They have to get as many wagons as possible into the city. He orders Randyll to take the rearguard and defend the train against the Dothraki, and he orders Bronn to deal with the dragon, gesturing to a covered wagon. Jaime will hold this bridge, the only one across the river for miles.

The Lannister army is feared for good reason. They quickly pull out pikes and shields and form battle lines to meet the Dothraki charge. The professional soldiers may not be fazed by the Dothraki horde bearing down on them, but nobody has seen a dragon in hundreds of years, much less fought one. The Lannister lines break whenever Dany and Dragon approach with the flamethrower, and with each passing moment, the Dothraki get closer.

Arrows whiz past Dany’s head like a swarm of angry bees, close enough for her to realize Tyrion may have had a good
point. Suddenly a huge bolt sails past Dragon. Dany looks down and sees Bronn standing beside Qyburn’s anti-dragon ballista. Up and down the line, covers are pulled off wagons to reveal half a dozen more ballistas. Dany throws Dragon into evasive maneuvers.



Tyrion watches the battle unfold from a high vantage point. He does not like all these arrows flying at his queen, nor those anti-dragon guns that he did not anticipate.


Another gun fires on Drogon . . misses. A third gun fires on Dragon another miss, but closer. Dany starts to worry this thing might work. Bronn’s gun fires again – and Dragon is hit! The arrow sticks out of his side. Then Dragon claws the arrow away. It didn’t penetrate his hide. It did make him angry. Bronn leaps off the wagon as Dragon turns and blasts the anti-dragon guns to shit.

The Dothraki now slam into the Lannister army like a tidal wave. We finally see the Dothraki in action. Mongol-style archery on the move, three arrows at once. Trick riding, showing off for each other, dropping down out of the saddle to behead a fallen soldier. Smacking the masked heads around like buzkashi players. Jaime sees that the tail end of the train is lost. He circles the remaining wagons around the entrance to the bridge, like Old West settlers against the Apaches. Randyll is a damn good soldier and h e ‘ s determined to stand his ground and fight until the end. Bronn’s not. He knows a lost cause when he sees one. Thanks to Randyll delaying the Dothraki, Bronn escapes into Jaime’s cordon at the entrance of the bridge. Jaime and Bronn know they’re fucked. Thanks to the Dothraki and Dany, the loot train on one side of the bridge is a morass of burning wagons and screaming men. But like the Viking who held Stamford Bridge against the Saxons, Jaime is determined to buy the wagons behind them enough time to get into the city.

Until Dragon blasts the wagon cordon apart, and the Dothraki pour through the gap. Jaime, Bronn and the Lannister soldiers fall back, slicing and dicing as they’re being pushed towards the center of the bridge. Dragon screams past overhead and lands at the other end of the bridge. The Lannisters have a choice: Dothraki, or dragon. The smart soldiers dive into the Blackwater River. The smarter soldiers do so and know how to swim. The smartest soldiers realize that knowing how to swim and being able to swim in armor are two different things, and surrender.

Jaime and Dany lock eyes. He obviously knows who she i s , and she can guess who he i s : the man who stabbed her father in the back. Behind Dany, Jaime can see the last of the wagons hurtling for the city gates. Jaime needs to keep Dany from turning her attention to them. The only distraction at hand is himself. Jaime tightens his grip on the reins. Tyrion knows his brother well enough to realize h e ‘ s about to do something stupid. He loves Dany, he wants her to win the Iron Throne. He does not want to watch her kill his brother.



Jaime charges at Dany and Drogon. Drogon opens his toothy maw and coils back. No flame, he wants some Lannister tartare. Just before Drogon strikes, Bronn dives in from the side, and tackles Jaime off his horse and over the side of the bridge. They tumble into the Blackwater Rush as Drogon fries both their horses. The rapids rush Jaime and Bronn away from the bridge and battle, Bronn holding them underwater. Above them the water’s surface boils and steams under dragonflarne. Drogon does not like missing meals. Drowned men float alongside them. Jaime looks down and sees an even sadder sight: living soldiers trapped on the riverbottom, their armor too heavy to swim. Their eyes look up at Jaime, beseeching him for a help he can’t give, as they drown.