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Download TutuApp VIP Free for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Free TuTuApp VIP iOS AppTutuapp has many apps available for iOS. Tutuapp has apps that aren’t available in the apple store or play store. Why do we need TutuApp? Freelancers or developers develop some apps with access to additional functionality and features that are not included in the apple app.

Apple Store has apps that have restrictions, boundaries, and specific guidelines.

If we want to get around the restrictions on IOS devices, there must be a jailbreak. This can affect your IOS device warranty, and most users won’t like it. However, you don’t have to jailbreak your IOS. You can download the additional feature app from the app store, and it won’t cost you any warranty.

Important notice: Before installing the Tutuapp on iPhone you should follow this article to know the full process:

Download TutuApp VIP Free for iOS

Why is TuTuApp the Best?

Tutuapp includes several apps that are feature-loaded. It also offers a handy feature that enhances the user experience. It’s an IOS third-party marketplace that allows you to download unlimited apps. You can download Tutuapp to see different apps with different functionality and features.

This premium functionality gives users more features. TutuApp VIP users can only access some apps. However, you can access premium apps such as hacked games if you’re a TutuApp user.

TutuApp VIP even provided paid apps in the apple store at no cost. The installation of paid apps doesn’t require jailbreak or warranty violations. IOS users often face space issues, and Icloud can be very costly. TutuApp VIP has an alternative cloud storage option.

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  • Apps should offer users many valuable and practical apps that are free.
  • It is entirely free.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • This 3rd-party application security issue is a serious concern.
  • We need to review the terms and conditions for the specific application.
  • An open-source project cannot guarantee the absence of malware or viruses.

Install TuTuApp VIP iOS on [iPhone/iPad]

Tutu provides free games, music, video streaming, and more. Let’s look at how to install on iOS devices without jailbreaking.”

We will show you how to install TuTuApp iOS easily on iPhone/iPad. TuTuApp, one of the market’s most popular third-party app stores, allows you to download many apps and games completely free. Let’s get started:

  • Open Safari or another browser on your iOS device. and download Tutuapp on iOS from the above link.
  • The popup appears as in the screenshot.
  • As we move on, a security popup will appear saying, ” untrusted enterprise developer. ” It’s an error message on your home screen indicating that an untrusted app has been installed.
  • Click on Settings -> Select General -> Device Management ->TutuApp A popup window will appear with the options of Trust or Cancel.
  • Click Trust, Next, go back to the TutuApp VIP downloads and restart the installation.

The latest IOS update makes it easy to install the app. After the installation is complete, you will see the error popup of an untrusted enterprise designer.

  • Navigate to Settings -> Select General -> Device Management -> L.b.becker Consulting Inc -> This will pop up Trust “L.b.becker consultancy Inc” apps on this device -> Click on Trust to grant them access to Run on iPhone.

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