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10 Ways to Direct Download Torrent File Without Any Torrent Client

Download Torrent File Without Any Torrent Client: Most of us who have downloaded anything using a torrent know that we must first download the torrent client, and then, from a torrent site, we need to choose to download or click the magnet link by which the client for torrent starts loading the download. However, it would be simpler if torrent files could be downloaded similarly to similar HTTP downloads we can do using our browsers or using a third-party downloader such as IDM.

Yes, you can use some cloud-based services to save torrents directly in the cloud. What it does is download the torrent file to cloud storage. The only thing you have to do is transfer the torrent file onto your computer via any browser. This is the same way you download other files on the internet. 

10 Ways to Direct Download Torrent File Without Any Torrent Client
10 Ways to Direct Download Torrent File Without Any Torrent Client

How to Download Torrent File Without Any Torrent Client

Here are ten ways to download torrent files without any torrent client:

Seedr. Cc is among the most effective services that allow you to download torrents without installing any torrent downloader software directly. You must copy and paste a link to the internet (a torrent), and they’ll do the rest. The service comes with some of the top features. Here are a few of them:

  • Free virus scan for documents you download through their service.
  • AES256 encryption.
  • To stream videos, you don’t have to download them. It’s possible to stream directly via their dashboard. It’s also speedy. You can use this feature on your phone, computer, or TV.
  • Optimized for use on mobile devices.


Zbigz is a cloud storage service. Zbigz Zbigz cloud storage service supports hosting torrents in the cloud. Therefore, with the assistance of Zbigz, you’ll be in a position to download files via torrent using the conventional download method using the browser. Instead of searching for an application with higher seeds for better download speeds than the torrent client, use Zbigz to download your files, and you will not have to fret about origins or torrent clients anymore.

It may take a few minutes to allow Zbigz to save the desired torrent files; however, once it is done, the process of storing them on its server. You can download them at high speed through your browser. It’s more attractive that downloads downloaded from Zbigz can also be used to return the downloads if you lose your internet connection or close your computer. The speed of download and the size of the downloaded file limit will depend on the plan you’re using Zbigz provides three different types of plans. The first is the one for free.

You can resume downloading during the interval, but you need to keep the session running; otherwise, it will delete the cached file, and you’ll need to request it once more. With Zbigz’s help Zbigz you can also stream music and videos directly from torrent at no cost. Regarding the speed of downloads with the free version, you can expect a download speed of about 150 kbps. The download size limit is about 1 GB. The number of simultaneous downloads is limited by 2. 

If you want to download with a larger capacity and a speedier download speed, you need to change to the premium version of Zbigz. Zbigz. It’s an excellent alternative to directly downloading files from torrent sites, and because it makes downloading small files via torrents simple, you should test it at least once.

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Another service offers something like what Zbigz is showing but uses a distinct operation method. Boxopus provides a dedicated service to cache torrent files on the cloud. If you want to use Boxopus to download torrent files through the cloud, first, you must register and establish an account for free on Boxopus. A free account through Boxopus will allow users to download up to 512 MB of torrent files. Additionally, the archived torrents are available throughout the day for 24 hours. Like Zbigz, Boxopus also has various plans for free and premium users.

Paying users can keep up to 30GB of data in the cloud. Users can enjoy unlimited download speeds. They also give approximately five days to keep their information. Boxopus also comes with the option of a traffic meter that assists in monitoring the bandwidth usage and tells users how much bandwidth is available that they can utilize for downloading the file. Boxopus offers a different plan that includes 10GB of quota per user; however, as users add more and torrents onto the Boxopus account, it will drop. 

It’s all dependent on the kind of subscription you’ve got. Your traffic is recharged every hour. 50 Mb/hr, to be exact, for free users and those with a paid subscription, it’s 250 MB/hr. This can be increased to the maximum of 10GB of quota. That is enough for the majority of users. Suppose you haven’t downloaded any top-quality games. The limit of 10GB should be sufficient.

Additionally, free users of Boxopus can upgrade their subscription by choosing from three different subscription plans provided by Boxopus. Tiny buckets for 1.49dollars, valid for seven days, or a giant bucket for $14.49 for three months. Lastly, there’s the massive bucket which will cost $49.99, and the duration of the enormous bucket is approximately 12 months. Boxopus also has a no-cost chrome extension that will aid users in downloading torrents. Plus, the site is also designed specifically for smartphones. That means you can download torrent files directly to your smartphone, too. after Boxopus is done making the torrent file available for download, you can download the torrent file to your devices without the requirement of using a torrent client. is a similar cloud-based service for torrent downloading with specifically BitTorrent support. Interestingly, it stores the torrent files and then puts them in the user’s personal storage space on the cloud. The disadvantage to is that it has no free option for users, not just that it isn’t even offering the opportunity to test its paid-for plans.

If you want to use to download torrents, you’ll first have to sign up to subscribe. Otherwise, you’ll be unable to download torrent files through the cloud service offered by However, the plan can be priced at $0.99 for a day. This provides storage space to cache the torrent file, which can be 50 GB, and you also get ten simultaneous downloads at a time and a maximum time for seeding of two days. This is ideal for people who aren’t regular users of torrents, but when they have to download large files at once to more than one computer If so, the service offered by is excellent. is also cloud-based storage that supports torrent downloads using the same caching method. The distinction between and the other options is that it doesn’t only permit downloading torrent files. However, you can also download and save additional files to your cloud storage for private use directly. 

It also supports streaming music and videos straight from torrents or other websites with subtitles when available. It is good news that provides a free trial of its services, too; however, it is limited to just 2 GB of cloud storage, with a speed of downloading of 100 MB/hr. There are no options for concurrent download of files. However, on the one hand, premium users can enjoy cloud storage of up to 250GB with up to 20 simultaneous downloads of a single file.

One advantage that comes with making use of is that there’s no limitation on download speeds for premium users. And most important is that your connection is secure by SSL encryption. also offers free antivirus tests for all of the files you download. Like another cloud-based service that uses, you can download files to any device after the cloud service is finished by caching the torrent file.


ByteBX is also among the cloud storage providers that double up as a torrent downloader as it supports caching torrent files. You need to copy and paste the magnet link to the torrent file you want to download, and ByteBX will download the file automatically for you. Like other cloud services, ByteBX also offers paid subscription plans split into three different plans. 

However, it also offers the option of a free plan that will provide storage of up to 2.5 gigabytes with speeds of 100 Kbps or more and a storage limit of up to five days. If you want premium subscription plans, there are two plans to select from premium100 and 300. With premium 100, you receive 100 GB of storage space and simultaneous download and media streaming support.

In addition, you’ll be able to download at unlimited speed, but the duration for keeping all data is unlimitable. The only distinction between premium 100 and 300 comes from the storage capacity. The premium 100 comes with 100 GB of storage space, whereas the premium 300 comes with 300GB of cloud storage space. All other functions are the same.

One of the top cloud services that provide the ability to cache torrent files is file stream. It is one of the most popular and well-known and offers an affordable value-for-money subscription plan while allowing all the benefits of the service to non-paying users. Filestream supports caching of files not just from torrents but also from other file-sharing services, which is a fantastic add-on. 

Free users on Filestream have unlimited caching of torrents, as well as a single-torrent size limit of 1GB, which isn’t bad at all. If you decide to store your files on another service for file sharing, you can access an amount of 5 GB per month. Additionally, the free users have access to features that other cloud providers offer with their premium subscription plans, such as the indefinite storage of data on cloud storage, SSL encryption, unlimited number of torrent downloads, anonymity for users, and additional. is a particular cloud service that allows torrent files to be downloaded. is an engine that searches for torrents. It can look up .torrent files across the internet and provide you with a download link, but it can also download torrent files from its servers. With this, you’ll be able to download your desired torrent files just like a standard HTTP download from your browser without installing any additional client for torrents. Apart from caching torrent files and allowing downloads directly from the cloud, using, you can stream media on smartphones, PCs, tablets, consoles, or any other device with an internet browser and supports media playback. 

Premium users can avail the service. offers unlimited storage for files, and the bandwidth limit is 250GB per month. But, free users will receive 1 GB per day or 5GB per week. It requires an invite code to sign up with However, if you don’t have an invite number, you can opt for the Facebook sign-up feature that gives you the same benefits as the free user; however, should you wish to upgrade to premium, you can do the same, as there are a variety of subscription plans that allow users to select from a variety of bandwidth capacities.

Downloading Torrent With IDM

It is essential to be aware of the program IDM that assists with downloading files through HTTP with a speedier rate and with the help of restarting downloads. It is a great way to keep the files organized and download them quicker. You can now download torrent files by making use of IDM. All you need to do is utilize one of the cloud services that have caching of torrent files that are supported. Download the files you wish to download and then use IDM to download them instead of your browser, and that’s it. Also, you have to copy the downloaded URL link into the IDM for IDM will begin downloading the file using the specific cloud service you’ve selected.

Online Torrent Client- Bitlet

A majority of us have installed Java runtime on our computers. However, if you do not have Java runtimes, you’ll install it before you can apply this method. Additionally, ensure your browser is compatible with Java applets. Bitlet is a browser-based Java apple that utilizes a java runtime service to function as an online client for torrents. This makes it an alternative to the download client. If you do not want to install it, you can install Bitlet, and all the other things will be managed through your web browser.

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