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FMWhatsapp APK: Folks! We present the best and most pure messaging application, the well-known Whatsapp MOD – FM Whatsapp APK. Whatsapp is the most prominent communication application, which lets millions of users can share their lives. Whatsapp helps us stay simple and allows us to keep in touch with our loved ones and relatives. With WhatsApp, it is possible to send our friends images, videos, and audio files. Additionally, we can send documents to our professional needs. Thanks to the latest updates to Whatsapp, We can now communicate our location live and transfer money.

In this article, we’ll be discussing one of the well-known and older WhatsApp MOD FM Whatsapp 2022 APK.

FMWhatsApp APK Official

FMWhatsapp APK Download 2022

FMWA APK is a long-running and well-known MOD. It has a lot of users. Many users utilize WhatsApp to fulfill their needs such as office work, exchanging media, and various other types of work. All the work that is done through Whatsapp is easy. So, WhatsApp has become fascinating and appealing. Additionally, with the latest update, they improve their performance and try to provide new features and features to their users.

However, it did not achieve the same level as the FMWhatsapp APK 2022 because the fundamental features available in WhatsApp are all accessible within FMWhatsapp. FMWhatsapp APK. But, it offers more features than. It provides additional features over the official WhatsApp. Additionally, In the FM WhatsApp Latest Version, numerous new features are made available to users.

App NameFMWhatsApp (FMWA APK)
Size52 MB
Available onPlayStore

Unique Features Of FM WhatsApp

Do not settle for less when you can enjoy more. With the ever-growing demand for more features and privacy-related enhancements, Users are more likely to use alternative versions of WhatsApp instead of the official version. It is said that a modified version of WhatsApp is always superior to the original version. This is due to its features that aren’t available in the standard application. We’ve included a few of the best-known aspects available on FM Whatsapp. After going through all of these features, I’m confident you will consider giving a shot at this FMWhatsapp app.

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Privacy Features Of FM WhatsApp

Freeze Your Last Scene:

We’re always concerned about what we might be seen as, and there are times when we do not want other people to get into our last glimpse of WhatsApp. The original version of the app allows users to disable their last sighting on WhatsApp; however, in the alternative, you’re not looking forward to seeing other people’s previous appearances on Whatsapp. You might be wondering what’s unique about FM Whatsapp? The answer is that FMWhatsapp lets you view other people’s last sightings and other users aren’t able to consider what you did on WhatsApp the last time. To activate this feature, tap on the three dots at the upper right-hand corner on FM WhatsApp, tap on Fouad mods > Privacy > Click on the freeze button for last seen.

Hide View Status In FMWhatsApp:

This is also proven to be a crucial feature related to FM Whatsapp. The majority of users prefer a third-party version due to the improved capabilities it provides regarding privacy. Using this feature, those who have published stories on their status will not be aware that you’re watching their status. Activating this feature lets you sneak around and view other people’s stories posted to their status page without telling them.

Show Blue Ticks After Reply:

You may find this feature of FMWhatsapp essential because it allows you to operate in complete secrecy without telling your friends that you’re on the web, reading the messages, and not responding. There are times when we receive messages and read the notes, but we cannot respond to messages for an issue. The inability to reply to acquaintances could be a problem. What’s the solution? FM WhatsApp offers a feature to help you get rid of this issue. With the aid of FM WhatsApp, the sender will only get blue ticks when you respond to them, not only by viewing the message. This feature could be highly crucial for those who are constantly busy and do not have the time to respond immediately.

Hide Delivered And BlueTick:

WhatsApp users have been patiently waiting to get this function for many years, but the developers of WhatsApp couldn’t be capable of adding the feature for a reason. The name says it all that when you receive messages, senders will not be able to tell if the message was delivered by you or not. The same is true for blue ticks, too. The sender will not know if you’ve seen this message. Just a single tick will show up in his app. However, you’ll be able to view his messages and not be able to block him knowing that you are reading them. It’s an incredible feature, that is. Install FM WhatsApp today and take a look at all the features.

Hide Typing And Recording Action Text:

Take a look at this newly added feature that was recently added. The name says it all. What if you do not want others to know what you’re doing while online and chatting occur? Turning on this feature won’t tell the person you’re talking with that you’re writing or recording an audio message. Privacy at its finest Get FMWhatsApp installed now and experienced these excellent features.

FM WhatsApp Features

Message A Number Without Saving Any Contact:

FM Whatsapp lets you directly send an SMS message or voice message, or even a video call to anyone without saving the number. This feature is useful when we need to send a single messaging message phone and isn’t interested in having their number be reserved on our phone. Click on three dots in the upper right-hand corner and select “message a number,” enter the number and send messages and begin conversations.

Disable Forwarded Tag On Messages:

When we forward a message to anyone or any other group, it will indicate “forwarded.” This can be annoying since the message we’re transmitting to other people could be unoriginal, and the message’s authenticity is ruined. However, thanks to FM Whatsapp, we can forward any message without telling others that messages are delivered multiple times before they reach them. To enable this feature, visit Fouad Mods> privacy > disable forwarding message tags.

Select The Contacts Who May be Able To Call You:

We get calls from contacts we do not wish to stay with. Some people are irritated by making calls through WhatsApp instead of directly via the mobile network. It is impossible to block calls from contact numbers we do not wish to talk to in the official version, so the only solution is to stop these calls. Blocking isn’t a good idea since the caller may not be able to converse with you. But with the most recent version of FM Whatsapp, you can select the contacts on your list that may have the ability to contact you via Whatsapp.

Anti-Delete Status:

Anti-delete status is one of the most valuable features of FMWhatsapp. If someone publishes an update on the status page and then deletes the story within a few hours after it is published, that story is removed, and nobody will be able to view it. However, by using FM Whatsapp, you will have an unfair advantage. You’ll be able to view other people’s posts even after they delete them. It may appear simple, but it’s got its benefit, providing you with the ability to see stories published in status, but no one else is allowed to view the reports.

Anti-Delete Messages:

As with the feature for anti-delete status, FM Whatsapp also comes with an anti-delete message feature. This feature allows you to view messages that their sender has erased. In the official version of WhatsApp, when a sender deletes the text, it will show to the receiver as “This message was deleted,” and he will not be able to determine what message was sent by the sender. This is not the case with FM Whatsapp. Developers have included a feature in which you can look up messages erased by their sender. This feature will give you the advantage at times. Many of these features are coming to FM Whatsapp. FM Whatsapp so stays updated for exciting new features.


Are you tired of the same old WhatsApp themes? Are you looking to experiment with something different? You can customize the Whatsapp interface with a myriad of themes. The most requested and anticipated option comes with FM Whatsapp, distinct from the previous version. FM Whatsapp comes with tons of articles. It includes more than 100 themes with more to come. Select one that is suitable for you. Explore things you haven’t tried before. Download FM Whatsapp now and enjoy the fantastic features. And you know what the best quality is? There is no need to pay one cent. It’s completely free.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About FM Whatsapp

What’s different between WhatsApp and FM Whatsapp? FM Whatsapp?

Whether it’s the original or the modified version, the two applications are designed to allow communication with loved ones and relatives. Text messages that include images, videos, and more are possible on both versions. The distinction lies in the features that they provide. FM Whatsapp is a third partner that modifies WhatsApp. The mod APP has more features in comparison to the original version. If you’re looking for more options, download the most recent version of FM WhatsApp from our site.

What’s FM WhatsApp? Does it work?

FM, Whatsapp is the modified version. It includes many of the most frequently requested features that weren’t present in the first version. The developers form security privacy, security, and accessibility to improve the user experience of the original version.

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