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Easy Way to Defeat Warden in Minecraft

How to Defeat Warden in Minecraft: Warden can kill you in two hits regardless of your armor level. Warden can also limit your vision, making it challenging to see powerful melee attacks. If all of that isn’t enough, the powerful Sonic shriek Warden can scare you. Minecraft is now a horror game. 

Don’t worry. We’ve spent hours respawning to discover the best way to defeat Warden in Minecraft. We are here to help you find the best Minecraft Enchantments and the most innovative strategies. Let’s learn how to defeat Warden, and survive in the dark caves of Minecraft.

Easy Way to Defeat Warden in Minecraft
how to kill warden in minecraft

Where is Warden located in Minecraft 1.19?

Before we can defeat Warden, it is essential to know where Warden is located. Wardens can spawn in deep dark biomes, according to the developer. The ancient city structure is the same. It looks very similar to Ender Dragon. It can not be found in the survival world. If you wish to see the deep dark naturally, search below the block elevation at Y=-35. The area is the darkest biomes in our tests, where we found a warden most of the time.

Defeat Warden in Minecraft

If you want to skip the most crucial part, cheats are available. Use the command /locatebiome Minecraft:deep_dark.It can be used in chat to obtain the coordinates for the deep dark biome. You will find the coordinates for the dark biome in your conversation. Teleport in Minecraft You can reach the Warden’s Biome quickly. We must learn to defeat Warden in Minecraft to survive in the dark biome.

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Attacks and Abilities for Minecraft Warden

If you want to kill warden in Minecraft, understanding the warden is the first step to defeating him. Let’s first review Warden’s basic capabilities and then examine its attacks.

  • Warden is blind, so it must rely on smell and vibrations to find you.
  • It can detect you by the block.
  • Even if you escape somehow, the Warden can smell you from 20 blocks.
  • It can climb single blocks like other mobs but cannot break them.
  • The Warden can be annoyed by even the most minor vibrations due to its low tolerance. It doesn’t matter if you are a boss or a baby mob. Once it is annoying, it will attack.

Darkness Effect

The darkness effect is applied when a sensor detects you. This reduces your visibility to a small number of blocks around you. You can use the Potion to Night Vision in Minecraft to counter this. However, its effects are limited to 6-7 blocks around you. Light sources such as torches and other light sources are also not good.

Combat Attack

The Warden’s favorite method of killing you is with its bare hands. Even if you have Netherite armor, even a complete set, the Warden can still kill you in two hits. But if your armor is less than that, it might be necessary to respawn after taking one hit.

Sonic Shriek

how to Defeat Warden in Minecraft

If close combat is not possible, the Warden cannot reach you. The Warden uses sonic shriek as an alternative. The Warden’s chest opens to let out a long-range sonic shriek attack. This attack can cause the same combat damage but also knock you out at a distance of over five blocks.

This attack bypasses blocks, including liquid blocks and bedrock. This attack targets only one mob at a time. If there are two players, the Warden will only target the one they aim at.

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Here are the Things You Must Do to Fight Warden in Minecraft

I think, Now, you have the warden’s location and know the abilities of the warden. It’s time to be ready for the fight against the warden. To defeat warden in Minecraft, you will need some food and pickaxes.


Defenses against the Warden are the first preparation. It would help if you had complete netherite armor from your head to your toes. After you have the armor, add the best armor embellishments to it. We recommend using Protection on all your items. 

You might be lucky to spot Swift Sneakpants magic in the old city. This will enable you to sneak at an even faster pace.


Many Minecraft players have a habit of carrying their swords. Because of the significant damage to Warden’s attack, we don’t recommend direct combat. To defeat Warden in Minecraft, you should use a trident and a bow. Try some of the most potent Trident Enchantments. Bows are much easier to manage.


Dealing with Warden can result in significant damage. 

To counter this, you should always have the following items:

  • Enchanted Golden Apples and Golden Carrots
  • Healing Potion
  • Cooked Food Items

Extraordinary Items

Now it is time to ensure you are prepared for any Warden attacks in Minecraft.

  • Throw snowballs, eggs, or arrows at the Warden to distract him.
  • Night Vision to decrease the intensity of the dark effect.
  • Use Torches to avoid getting lost deep in the dark.
  • Create distance between Warden and you,
  • Use berry bushes or cobwebs to protect yourself from falling.
  • Ladders (optional)

A Warden can’t use a shield, in case you were wondering. You can also skip it.

How to defeat Warden in Minecraft

Let’s say you have everything ready. Now let’s go into the deep dark to defeat the Warden using the following steps.

1. You must start sneaking around the ancient city as soon as possible. Locate an area connected to the city structure and create a small underground foundation. You can attach a trapdoor to the pressure plate with a lever to increase security.

how to kill Defeat Warden in Minecraft

2. Next, make some noises to spawn Warden. Next, quickly build a 6-block tower next to the underground base opening. You can also put cobwebs on the top of your tower, on its sides, and at the bottom of the opening. Warden’s sonic knockback will be canceled by the top one. The bottom ones will help you fall more safely. The linked guide contains additional tricks and tips to help you avoid falling into Minecraft.

easy way to Defeat Warden in Minecraft

3. Once you have reached the top, look at Warden and use arrows to attack him. It is better to use the best bow spells while doing this. We recommend using Punch II.

how to Defeat Warden in Minecraft

4. Warden prefers combat attacks for fighting. Sonic shriek won’t work unless you hit it multiple times using a handgun. When it is ready to strike you with its sonic shriek, you have two options keep on top of the tower or heal. You can also jump into the base opening and heal yourself, allowing you to make another opening.

Defeat Warden in Minecraft

You can use the steps above to defeat the Warden if you have experience with combat. These steps can be used without netherite armor if you have the right skills. If traditional combat is too brutal to kill Wardens, other options exist.

To kill Warden, use End Crystals.

End crystals can be found in the final dimensions and work to heal the Ender Dragon. They can also cause a devastating blast when they are broken. If multiplied, this blast can kill the Warden.

You can now easily create an end crystal using seven glasses, an eye of the ender, and ghast tears on a crafting board. To kill Warden, you will need at least eight end stones.

how to Defeat Warden in Minecraft

Once ready, place an obsidian block and add an end crystal. You can break the obsidian block and place another crystal if the Warden approaches it. To kill the Warden, you will need to do this eight times. However, you should wear armor with the blast prevention enchantment.

Trap Warden Underground

You can trap a Warden and gradually kill it if you don’t wish to fight it. The easiest way to do this is to set up a cobweb trap. You can make a pit with cobwebs inside it. Place trapdoors over the cobwebs. To activate the trapdoor, the Warden must step on it. It will automatically open and trap the Warden.

Easy way to Defeat Warden in Minecraft

The best sword magic can be used to kill the Warden if it is deep in the web. It’s best to get away from the Warden if it uses the sonic-shriek attack. You can place a wool carpet in the vicinity to dampen his vibrations and deflect his aim.

Warden vs Wither

You must defeat both the Wither and the Warden if you want to get the most from your trip to the deep dark biome. You can easily be overwhelmed by them as players, but what if they fight each other? All you have to do is spawn the Warden in the ancient city, and then hide from it. The Warden will spawn when you send them vibrations. They will then immediately pursue each other.

how to kill Defeat Warden in Minecraft

Warden will win the majority of the battles due to the enclosed space. However, no matter what the outcome of this fight is, the remaining mob will be low on health points. You can swoop in to finish the survivor and get loot from both mobs without fighting them properly. You will always be the winner in the fight between Warden & Wither.

Iron Golem vs. Warden – Who wins?

Iron Golems can be used to create a safer mob that will fight the Warden. This mob is hostile to mobs by default. It will attack any hostile mob as soon as it spots the Warden. As you may have guessed, one Iron Golem won’t be enough to defeat a Warden.

Defeat Warden in Minecraft
defeat Minecraft warden

We found that one Warden could defeat 8 Iron Golems in single-on-one combat. However, 6 Iron Golems can be enough to stop a Warden if they are attacked in a group. Despite the great results, this solution is difficult to implement in survival gaming.

Can You Trap Warden in Water or Lava?

Players can use liquids to trap non-flying mobs. This is an ever-green technique. Warden is invincible to drowning or lava damage but you can still trap it to stop it from moving. Warden is able to walk on water and lava, but unfortunately it can’t do that. Warden can walk on top of liquids even if it spawns at their bottom.

easy way to Defeat Warden in Minecraft
kill Minecraft warden

If Warden is not fast enough to put you in a hole, pour the liquid and close it off before it attacks. Otherwise, water or lava aren’t the best options. Both of these can slow down Warden for a bit. Enough to let you run and save your own life. Water and lava can slow down Warden while still running from it.

How to stop Minecraft Wardens from Spawning

Although Warden defeating is not a difficult task, it can be pretty tiring. You can survive Warden until you find an excuse to kill it.

Soul Shrieker: Prevent detection

Warden can only be found in deep dark biomes’ ancient cities. A player has two chances to make a sound. This is when the Warden spawns the Warden in the biome. If you don’t know this, vibrations are when the player places items, breaks blocks or walks without crouching.

You are safe in the ancient cities of the deep dark biome as long as your soul shrieker is not alerted. Even if you don’t spot one, it is essential to be alert in this biome. The soul shrieker blocks can detect you from many heights and even through blocks.

The Soul Shrieker must be destroyed.

Once you have slowly passed the soul shrieker’s grasp, you can use your regular pickaxe for its destruction. You can also mine the soul shrieker if you possess the silk-touch spell. However, you can summon a Warden by placing the item back in the dark biome.

Let the Warden Despawn

If all else fails, the best way of defeating a Warden in Minecraft’s Minecraft world is to allow it to despawn. Wardens are sensitive and sensitive to vibrations and noise. If the Warden detects activity for over 60 seconds, it will automatically despawn. If you or another mob make an activity, they will reset the timer.

Defeat Warden in Minecraft

The Warden will continue to try to “smell’ you and find your location during these 60 seconds. If you’re not correctly hidden behind blocks, the Warden may find you even though you are stationary.

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