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Create Kodi Addon, Repository Zip; Setup Python

Last updated on August 6th, 2017 at 11:58 am EST

Create Kodi Addon Zip, Repository Zip, Install Python

create kodi addon

The first step towards creating a Kodi addon is to create a repository zip and an addon zip so you can share your Kodi addon. The peeps over at noobsandnerds have created a simple page which lets you create your own Kodi addon, a repository , and install Python Hit the link below and follow the instructions to create Kodi addon zip, repository zip and install Python on your Windows, Mac or Linux. In case you run into any issues, let us know via comments and we will be more than happy to help you.

Create Kodi Addon, Repository via noobsandnerds

You need to enter addon-id, make sure you use the format plugin.video.thenameyoudecide.

Addon-name, Addon-summary and Addon-description is what will show up within Kodi.

You can setup the other details for the addon as shown below.

addon settings

Once done, you should have a folder looking like the below image.

addon folder

If you do not have the zips folder you need to run the repo _repo_xml_generator.py file using IDLE.

repo generator

Then click on Run -> Run Module. We are doing it on OSX and instructions for Windows or Linux might be different.

Run Module

Create Kodi Addon : Add noobsandnerds repository

Since we created the addon and repository using noobsandnerds, we need to add and install their repository to our Kodi setup.

Step 1 – Add Noobsandnerds Repository Source

In this step we are going to add the Elysium source. From Kodi main menu, head over to Settings -> File Manager -> Add Source and then click on None. In the popup box which opens, add the source as http://noobsandnerds.com/portal and then click on Done. Next select a name for the source in the box below. Let’s name it NaN2.


Step 2 – Install noobsandnerds repository Zip

Head back to Kodi main menu.

Kodi 17 Krypton and Kodi 18 Leia click on Addons and then click the Addons Browser icon marked below.

Addons Browser

Kodi 16 Jarvis and earlier users head over to SYSTEM -> Add-Ons. 

On the next screen click on Install from Zip File, and in the popup window select NaN2 and then select noobsandnerds Repo (x.x).zip (where x.x can be any number like 2.0).

Wait until you get a message on top right of screen which says Addon Installed. That’s it, we just successfully installed noobsandnerds repository.

Create Kodi Addon : Setup Python, Kodi Python Libraries

Here are Kodi python libraries which you would need in the future. The libraryname is parenthesis.

  • Requests (requests)
  • Beautiful Soup (beautifulsoup4)
  • json (simplejson)

How to Install Python Libraries

On OSX you need to open Terminal and then enter below command.

sudo pip install libraryname


sudo pip install beautifulsoup4

Create Kodi Addon : Text Editor

If you are on Mac we recommend using Sublime Text. For Windows we recommend using Notepad++.

Create Kodi Addon : Video

If you want to see a video instead, check out the awesome video by the peeps over at noobsandnerds.

Create Kodi Addon : Issues

If you have any confusion, or have any issues please let us know via comments below and we will be more than happy to help.

Create Kodi Addon : Next Steps

Now that you have everything setup, next step would be to learn the basic. Hit the link below to start.

Kodi Addon development – sys.argv explained, Create Menu

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