What is CPI Mouse? – CPI vs DPI (2022 Updated)

What is CPI Mouse? – CPI vs DPI: If you use a mouse, you must hear about CPI and DPI or you have seen a button in the middle of the mouse. Mostly you have seen the CPI button on the Gaming mouse. This is an essential thing when you purchase a new mouse, especially for gaming.

So in this article, I will tell you what is CPI and DPI? and also Different between CPI and DPI?

If you want to know CPI vs DPI, read till the end of this short article.


let’s go and read about Mouse CPI VS DPI:

What is CPI Mouse? - CPI vs DPI

What is CPI?

CPI also referred to as Counts Per Inch, usually refers to the sensitivity of the mouse. it’s wont to show the number of steps that the mouse will report when it physically moves one inch. the upper the CPI, the more sensitive it’s to your movements.

This is very similar to a CMOS sensor of a camera. the amount indicates what percentage of pixels fit into one inch on the surface of the mouse sensor. for instance, if the mouse is about 800 CPI, it means it registers 800 counts when moving one inch.

What is DPI?

Dots Per Inch is the full form of DPI and it refers to the amount of singular dots which will be set during a line within a spread of 1 inch. That is, DPI is applied to live the output resolution of a printer.

It also can be wont to measure the mouse sensitivity, showing what percentage of pixels your mouse can move when moving it one inch.


Technically speaking, the right term should be CPI. But instead, DPI is widely used. When the cursor moves around, you’re those trying to find our screen. When we talk about the mouse sensor itself, it is CPI.

The sensor counts what percentage pixels it can put in one inch when moving the mouse while the monitor displays how briskly the cursor is moving supported by the DPI setting. Both ask an equivalent thing.

Many companies use the DPI terms on their websites. DPI is CPI. SteelSeries company has set the DPI Steps according to their own choice.

The main thing is that What you choose CPI vs DPI Mouse, both involve mouse sensitivity. It is just because of corporate brands.

What should you choose? – CPI vs DPI?

If you are buying a mouse for gaming then you should buy a CPI mouse. but if you just use it for printing then can buy a DPI mouse.

As I told you first, DPI vs CPI involves the same thing – mouse sensitivity. You can see both terms on mouse of different companies.

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