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Change iPhone Wallpaper Automatically With One Tap (2022)

Change iPhone Wallpaper Automatically: However gorgeous wallpaper might appear however, wallpapers tend to lose their appeal after a certain amount of time. If that’s the case your eyes are being glued to the same boring lock or home screen over and over because of boredom. Although iOS provides a simple way to set wallpapers the lack of an option to switch the iPhone or iPad wallpapers on time has always seemed to make me think. me. Literally. Are there any solutions to get it done? It turns out that you can set your preferred wallpapers to automatically change through a time-consuming but fairly secure technique!

Change iPhone Wallpaper Automatically With One Tap

Automatically Change iPhone or iPad Wallpaper (Change iPhone Wallpaper Automatically)

If you want to change iPhone wallpaper automatically, then you have to follow the given instructions:

You have to Do Some things Before Getting Started

  • Make sure that you Allow Shortcuts from Untrusted Sources: The very first step you should take is to allow the Shortcuts application to accept shortcuts that are not trusted. Because we’re going to make use of a shortcut that comes from a source that isn’t well-known that’s why it’s essential to do this. Go to the settings app of your phone. Select Shortcuts > Allow Untrusted Shortcuts.
  • Create an album of All Your Favored wallpapers: Another important thing you should do is create a photo album that contains every image you wish to make the wallpaper for your device. To start, open your photos app and then tap the Select option in the upper right corner. Then, tap the Add to Album button within the share sheet, then click to New album. Name it “Wallpaper” and tap save.

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Add Wallpaper Shortcut to Your Shortcuts Library

In the next step, you’ll need to include your “Wallpaper” Shortcut to the Shortcuts application. Since it’s from an unknown source, you’ll need to choose a slightly different approach to include it in the library.

To get started, open Safari for the iPhone or iPad and then go to this URL. Then, click on”Add Shortcut”. “Add Untrusted Shortcut”. From now on the shortcut will be available on the My Shortcuts section of The Shortcuts application.

Add untrusted shortcut

Allow the Wallpaper Shortcut to Use Your Photos Album

It’s time to grant you to allow the “Wallpaper” shortcut to use the Photos Album. If you grant permission granted to the album, the shortcut will go through the images you have selected each time you click on it.

  1. Open the Shortcut application to either your iPhone or iPad.
shortcut application

2. Next, tap then on”My Shortcuts” and then click on the “My Shortcuts” tab at the top.

my shortcut

3. Then, tap on the three dots within the “Wallpaper” shortcut’s upper right corner.

Three dots

4. Then, tap on “Allow Access” at the lower right. A pop-up will display saying “Wallpaper would like access to your photos. When you open the shortcut Wallpaper can access and view your pictures.” Be sure to press”OK” to verify.

allow access

Apply the Wallpaper Shortcut on the home screen

After you’ve allowed you to use the Wallpaper shortcuts to open your photos album, you can add it to your home screen. It’s done so that you can not only be able to access it quickly but also change its iPhone and iPad wallpaper with one click.

  1. Open your shortcuts application on your iPhone or iPad device.
shortcut application

2. Then, click to open the “My Shortcuts” tab in the lower right corner.

My shortcut

3. Next, press and hold to the wallpaper shortcut and then click “Share” in the menu.


4. Next, click on “Add to Home Screen”.

Add to home screen

5. Next, you’ll need to choose an appealing icon to use as your shortcut. choose a name that is suitable for it then clicks the Add button. For simplicity, you can keep the name “Wallpaper.”

the add button

Change the Wallpaper of your iPhone or iPad with one tap

In the future, the only thing you need to do to switch the background on either the iPhone or iPad is simply clicked the shortcut icon for wallpaper. The script will rotate the wallpaper with the same album you’ve made. If you wish for your home screen on the iPhone to always be appealing to the eyes continue to add all of the gorgeous wallpapers in the album.

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