Best Root Apps for Android Devices in 2022 (NEW LIST)

Best Root Apps for Android: The best root apps unleash your Android phone’s full potential. With the right root app installed on your Android phone, you can unlock new capabilities, such as removing pre-installed bloatware and blocking ads at a system level.

Rooted apps may not be for everyone. We can explain why rooting your Android phone is not a good idea. Rooting gives you more control over Android’s superuser (or root) permissions. Root apps can put this control to good effect.

Let’s look at the top root apps that you can download to your Android device. We will also show you what each can do.

Best Root Apps for Android Devices
Best Root apps for android

These are the best root apps available for Android phones

Magisk Manager (Best Root Apps for Android Phone)

Magisk Manager allows you to do your phone’s “systemless” root. This will enable you to gain superuser permissions without modifying your system partition like traditional rooting methods.

This approach offers a lot of benefits. It allows you to continue receiving OTA updates to OS. Additionally, it can hide the rooted status from apps that use Android SafetyNet to detect a rooted phone. These include Netflix and many banking applications. This is effectively the best of both, but rooting can be risky and may void your warranty.

Download: Magisk Manager

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AdAway (Best Root Apps for Android)

AdAway is a trusted and reliable choice for Android users who want to block ads from all devices. AdAway is a minimalist ad-blocker that does the job well. You will receive regular updates from the hosts to ensure that you are blocking every possible ad.

In addition to the automatic host file, you can allow or block domains. You can even log DNS requests. You can even log DNS requests. It is no longer available on the Play Store, but it can be downloaded via the F-Droid open-source repository.

Download: AdAway

Quick Reboot (Best root apps for android 11)

Quick Reboot allows you to reboot rooted Android devices quickly. This includes fast boot, recovery mode, and safe modes. You don’t need to use ADB or hardware key combinations to access them.

This root app is capable of creating one-button icons or a combined widget. It also supports a broad range of themes.

Download: Quick Reboot

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Solid Explorer (Rooting apps for android without PC)

Solid Explorer is not only one of the most popular root apps, but it’s also one of the best Android file managers. Solid Explorer can also be used as a root-explorer app on rooted Android devices. This allows you to access your system partition using the correct root permissions.

This functionality is added to an already excellent file management app. It features cloud and networked storage support, a simple two-panel design, and support for add-ons that expand the app’s capabilities.

Solid Explorer is free for 14 days. After that, you will need to pay $1.99 to continue using the app.

Download: Solid Explorer

Dumpster (root apk for android 11)

Dumpster is another file recovery app, an Android equivalent to a desktop OS’s Recycle Bin. It allows users to retrieve deleted images, videos, music files, and uninstalled applications.

You can either send deleted files to the dumpster for recovery or toss them out to free up space for other content and new installations. You can preview the items that will be recovered from Dumpster. It also includes password/PIN protection and can be set to empty the dumpster automatically after a specified period. You can also upload your files to Dumpster’s cloud service, which allows for online backups.

Although Dumpster can be run without root access, it is more efficient in memory and battery.

Download: Dumpster

Franco Kernel Manager (Best Root Apps for Android)

Franco Kernel is an excellent option if you want to install a custom kernel onto your device. This is a perfect option if your phone supports it. It’s been a choice of ours for many years. Franco Kernel Manager is the ideal companion app for the kernel.

It allows you to install the kernel quickly, keep your system up-to-date, and manage kernel settings. It will enable you to tweak many things to make sure your phone works exactly the way you want. This app is essential if you use Franco Kernel.

Download: Franco Kernel Manager

BetterBatteryStats (Top Root Apps for Android)

BetterBatteryStats is a great tool to identify the root cause of your smartphone’s poor battery life. It identifies apps that are draining your smartphone’s battery and calculate the impact of making changes to reduce that drain. BetterBatteryStats will also detect changes in your phone’s Sleep/Wake profile and identify any rogue apps causing problems.

BetterBatteryStats doesn’t require you to root your phone. However, users with unrooted telephones will need to follow specific steps to allow the app to work. These steps are automatically performed on rooted devices, making BetterBatteryStats easier to use.

Download: BetterBatteryStats

DiskDigger Photo Recovery (Best Root App for Android)

You might have accidentally deleted something from your Android phone. DiskDigger photo recovery can help you make things right.

DiskDigger doesn’t require you to root your phone. DiskDigger is the best root app. However, DiskDigger can scan all of your phone’s memory to find deleted photos. For example, to recover deleted videos, you need a rooted phone.

DiskDigger’s free version is sufficient for those who only need to save photos and videos. The $2.99 Pro version can also search for other types of files and allow you to upload the recovered files via FTP.

Download: DiskDigger

Live boot (Best Root Apps for Android)

Chainfire’s Live boot App does something extraordinary that could be useful for technically-oriented users. The live boot uses root permissions to display logcat and dmesg on your screen when you boot your Android device.

You can set up logcat levels, how many lines you want to display on the screen, what color coding to use, and whether or not to show dmesg. If you prefer a retro look for your device’s boot cycle, it looks great.

Download: Liveboot

System App Remover

Rooting your device is a popular way to get rid of all the bloatware that has been pre-installed on it. System App Remover is a great tool.

This app quickly removes bloatware and offers helpful suggestions on which apps should be removed. You can also move apps to an SD Card with additional tools.

System App Remover is a more powerful tool for app backup and management, but it wins for its simplicity and focus.

Download: System App Remover

Flashify (Best Root Apps for Android)

Rooted users who spend a lot of time tinkering on the back end of their phone system will have to repeat the tedious process of flashing recovery, boot, and other.img files from their tablet or smartphone. Flashify automates the process, reducing the amount of time it takes.

Flashify users can flash boot and recovery images and create full backups. They can also sync backups between their devices and the desktop. Flashing three images per day is the limit for the free version. This can be removed by purchasing an in-app subscription.

Download: Flashify

Terminal Emulator

Terminal Emulator does precisely the job it claims. This root app is the best and allows you to access Android’s Linux command line.

Terminal Emulator offers a full Linux terminal emulator, launcher shortcuts, and UTF-8 compatible text to support foreign languages — all of which are ad-free.

Download: Terminal Emulator


KSWEB lets users turn their Android device into an online server. It includes PHP, MySQL, and msmtp software. This root app is portable and can be used to run, debug or maintain Web apps and websites on your mobile device.

It features a simple Material UI and a Web interface. Online support is also available. KSWEB is an excellent addition to your app drawer, whether you are a beginner in Web development or a seasoned developer looking to build a toolkit.

KSWEB is available as a free trial for five days. The standard version can be unlocked for $2.99; the Pro edition is $3.99.

Download: KSWEB

CatLog (Best Root Apps for Android)

CatLog, a lightweight and highly functional logcat viewer, is an excellent tool for debugging. Developers can use it to find hidden bugs or as a user.

CatLog is a free download that doesn’t contain any ads. It uniquely offers users color-coded tags, names, and filters to simplify significantly log reading, real-time searching, and a recording mode widget. You can also save logs and email them.

Download: CatLog

ROM Toolbox Pro (Best Root Apps for Android)

JRummy Apps’ ROM Toolbox Pro is a powerful tool that root users should use. It can help you install ROMs such as CyanogenMod and create, manage, and restore backups.

ROM Toolbox includes a Task and App Manager to uninstall, back up, and freeze apps. It also has a Root File Explorer to drill down into your system files. A memory manager and other tools are included. This is a lot of features for $5.99.

Download: ROM Toolbox Pro

3C Toolbox (Best Root Apps for Android)

3C Toolbox, formerly Android Tuner, is an enhanced version of the original comprehensive system monitoring toolkit. It adds more functionality and monitors to enhance its existing capabilities. Run a task manager to manage or kill your apps, backup and restore APKs, adjust your CPU governor and voltage settings, tweak the SD cache size, or view diagnostic data. this is one of the best root apps.

Download: 3C Toolbox

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