10 Best Offline Android Games to Play Without Internet

Best Offline Android Games: Many Android games rely on mobile data connections, such as PUBG, Free Fire (Alternatives), Clash of Clans, etc. Suppose it’s downloading files from servers like Clash of Clans or using it for DRM protection, as in most Final Fantasy games. In that case, every game requires you to be into a connection on the internet to let the gameplay. There aren’t many who have that privilege, so here are the 10 Best offline Android games that don’t need any Wi-Fi or Internet Connection. Let’s start.

Offline Android Games
Offline Android Games

Best Offline Android Games to Play Withoug Wifi or Internet

Here are Best Offline Games for Android:

Dead Cells (Offline Android Game)

Dead Cells (Offline Android Game)

Dead Cells is undoubtedly one of the top Roguelike-style platformers in the Play Store. The Android port is superb. It’s possible to choose between 30FPS, 60FPS, and unlimited FPS within the game’s settings. And there’s an option to use HD graphics for anyone with a powerful device. I’ve spent a significant amount playing the roguelike on Android, and I can affirm that the game performs as smooth as butter on top-of-the-line hardware. While it’s a game that requires precise controls, it is playable with the touchscreen and physical controllers.

Dead Cells is the cream of the bunch of platformers. So if you’ve never played it, ensure that you don’t skip it because this game can play from anywhere.


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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (games for android offline)


Konami’s iconic Metroidvania release Castlevania Symphony of the Night, was made available in the Play Store to the delight of everyone back in the year 2020. it’s now available at $2.99. That’s an incredible price. If you’ve never played SotN, it’s a unique 2D platformer that has a nonlinear experience, which means exploring is encouraged.

The primary campaign will take around eight or nine hours to complete It will require several sessions to master this version. Also, because the game can be played offline, it will not need to worry about accessing the internet once the game is downloaded.


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Grimvalor (Android Offline Game)


Grimvalor is a great hack-and-slash-based platformer with stunning graphics and an affordable price that can be unlocked with an in-app purchase of $7. The game is compatible with physical controllers, and you can also play the game without having to pay out of your pocket, as the first game is at no cost.

Positive reviews have been received since the game’s initial launch in the Apple App Store in 2018. Rest assured, the Android version plays and looks the same way as the game on iOS. Controllers are fully supported right out of the box, and there’s no requirement for internet after installation. Grimvalor can be played on phones and tablets too. It’s a great mobile hack-and-slash


Rush Rally Origins (Offline Android Game)

rush rally

Top-down racers appear to be not as popular anymore; however, thankfully, Brownmonster Limited decided to continue its Rush Rally series with a top-down racer, and it’s a joy. It’s a bit challenging at first, and then the gameplay becomes easier when you’ve won some races — unlocking upgrades and getting your mind to the steering wheel.

The best part is controllers are supported (my preferred method of playing) and offline functions. The best part is that the racer is fairly monetized and has plenty of content that will keep any racer engaged for quite a time. Rush Rally Origins is easily one of the top racers on the market. It stands out when you like classic top-down racing games.


LIMBO (Offline Android Game)


Indie developers were flooded with ideas for puzzle-based platformers following games like Braid began to take off. However, this spark of creativity led to various other fantastic puzzle-based platformers, including Limbo, which was initially originally an Xbox exclusive. Later on, it was a sleek black and white game that made its way to almost every device, including mobile, and, thankfully, the Android port is fantastic.

It is possible to play offline, and support for controllers is provided. This is a bit like a strange game with a smidge of horror, which is one reason why people like the plot’s quirky nature. Also, let’s not forget the game has no text, and there’s no voiceover. The whole game is told by playing. If you’ve not yet played Limbo, or it’s been a while since you’ve played it, trust me when I tell you that this one is well worth a try and possibly more than one. It’s an adventure and more.


Battle Chasers: Nightwar

battle chasers

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is an excellent turn-based RPG that plays similarly to the classic Square Enix JRPGs of the 1990s. It will feature stunning graphics that will work with the latest RPG crop available for consoles and PC. This is why the Android port of Battle Chasers: Nightwar is an excellent release.

It’s beautiful, and then it’s fun to use the touch controls, as are the many hours of turn-based games to play. If you’re searching for an experience that is a console-like RPG experience with at least 30 hours of gameplay that you can play wholly offline and offline, Battle Chasers: Nightwar is easily one of the top RPGs available today on Android. Be aware that this is a demanding game, and more current top-of-the-line equipment is suggested. Also, there is no controller support. However, the touch interface works on phones and tablets.


GRID Autosport (Best Free Offline Android Games)

grid autosports

GRID Autosport is an arcade-style racer that debuted on Android in 2019. The complete game is available for just $10. There aren’t any IAPs or advertisements making this an excellent release. If you’ve not yet played this racing game, it blends various racing styles, including dirt tracks and urban streets, and has many different cars to race on. In contrast, most racing games on Android are free to play, and they come with a myriad of questionable monetization strategies and require the internet to be connected continuously.

Suppose you’ve been searching for an exceptional mobile racer that doesn’t cost you anything and is playable offline at any time, and supports controllers from the beginning. In that case, GRID Autosport is currently the top racer available in the Play Store that fulfills these criteria.


Morphite ( Top Offline Android Game)


Morphite is an exploration game that is often compared with titles such as No Man’s Sky. Although Morphite might not provide the same depth as No Man’s Sky, it is an excellent adventure through space, where you discover new planets while fighting all sorts of bizarre creatures. The low-poly art style makes a stunning impression and keeps the demands on the game’s performance at a low level. Thanks to the procedural generator, there are no identical games, which adds a lot of replayability to the game.

Even though Android may not be a household name for high-quality Space exploration titles, Morphite is an obscure gem worth a look. It’s best of all that you can play the game without cost. If you’re satisfied with the game, you can purchase the full version with one in-app purchase.


Grand Mountain Adventure (Best Offline Adventure Game for Android)

grand mountain adventure

Games for winter sports were a huge hit during the PS1/PS2 days. However, the genre has gone to the wayside over the past few years, with only Ubisoft holding the AAA title. However, Toppluva AB saw fit to develop one of the recent top winter sports games. Although it’s an online game, It’s packed with content that can easily be enjoyed offline.

There are seven open-world mountains available to explore, which adds up to more than 100 obstacles spread across the maps. Ski, you can snowboard, and support for controllers is also included. There’s even a no-cost zen mode for people who need to get out on the slopes. Overall, it’s a fantastic game that should not be missed, particularly if you’re an avid Coolboarders/SSX player.


Thumper Pocket Edition (Offline Android Game)

tumper pocket edition

Thumper is a smooth auto-running game that was released to Android in the year 2019. In essence, it’s an auto-runner with psychedelic elements that use rhythm-based techniques for advancement. Simple swipes and taps on the screen are your options for controlling, and you’ll need to match these actions in line with the music to win. If you’re looking for a different approach to games that support physical controllers, which can help provide more precise and accurate input. A controller is more tactile than a glass screen.

Nine levels require about seven and seven and a half hours to beat, and it is playable offline. There’s plenty of content for the price that will keep you entertained for hours.


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