Best iPhone Widgets – Userful Widgets for iPhone

Best iPhone Widgets: Widgets were made accessible to iPhone users as part of their iOS 14 upgrades. Since the time, software developers have been developing interesting useful and useful widgets that enhance the quality of your iPhone usage and allow you to be even more productive.

With the help of widgets, users can modify their home screen to enhance the performance that your phone offers and gain fast access to the View Post relevant information about various applications without having to launch the app in the app.

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In this article, I’ll look at some of the top iPhone widgets that are available that you’ll be happy using and having.

best iphone widgets
Best iPhone Widgets

Best iPhone Widgets

Here are the Best iPhone Widgets that are very useful for each user:

1. Launcher (One of the Best iPhone Widgets)


Launcher is among the most flexible and powerful applications you can install on your iPhone. You read that exactly. The widget application is completely customizable and lets you swiftly launch your most loved applications. Additionally, it is possible to tweak it to make calls, send messages or email and even start Skype video chats. In addition, it can also be used to it access quickly your most visited websites.

It is also a good idea to play music with your iPhone with the top music apps available there The widget application allows you to play your preferred songs using the music player using music launchers. It also lets you modify the app’s icons, labels, and even stack widgets. Keep in mind that only the premium version Launcher lets you use all the options.

In the end, considering everything This is one of the most helpful iPhone widgets currently.

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2. Widgetsmith


With a wide selection of widgets, Widgetsmith is one of the most adored iPhone homepage screen widgets. Because the widgets are customizable, you can fine-tune their appearance of them to suit your preferences. For example, you can create dynamically scheduled widgets to show information about the weather early in the morning. You can also show a calendar during the day and even the extremely useful activity ring’s activity ring (requires Apple Watch) in the evening.

Keep in mind that if you wish to access all the cool features such as access to the tide and weather-hosted information of this comprehensive iOS widget for the home screen You’ll need to upgrade to the top version of this widget application.

3. Photo Widget: Simple

Photo Widget: Simple

Although using the Apple Photos app widget is extremely useful, it’s lacking any customization. The widget for stock photos shows featured images by itself and can be frustrating, particularly if you don’t want those images to be displayed on your home screen. You can certainly take images off featured images within the widget for stock photos however, it’s still a nuisance. This is where a good 3rd-party iPhone photos widget comes in. 

With the help of the Widget for Photos Widget, It’s easy, you can make an album of photos and select the preferred time interval to ensure that they are automatically rotated. If you want to block certain images you can do that without any hassle. With these important advantages, the Photo Widget Simple should be considered one of the top available iOS desktop widgets.

4. Smart Stack

Smart Stack

There’s a lot to appreciate regarding Smart Stack. The most impressive feature about it is its capability to display information according to the way you are using the iPhone. For example, it will show podcasts when you want to listen to your favorite podcasts, and display reminders when you want to see the schedule.

It’s a fascinating combination of a variety of app widgets, such as Reminders, Photos, Music Weather, Calendar, and Weather. And, yes, it comes with Siri’s suggestions. It is possible to scroll through the widgets and take an overview of the most important details right from your home screen. Based on your needs of yours you can also alter the settings of Smart Stack to suit your requirements better. In particular, you could change the order of the widgets or remove those that aren’t needed.

5. Apollo for Reddit (Best iPhone Widgets Reddit)

Apollo for Reddit

The most popular Reddit application, Apollo is designed for those who wish to monitor their subreddits with absolute comfort. Apollo iPhone Home screen widget has a clean and sleek style. It is also available in various dimensions and styles to meet your requirements better. 

I’ve discovered it to be “Posts Grid Widget” very impressive, as it displays multiple posts in the form of grids from feeds of your choice. If you like keeping track of the latest images on a subreddit the Apollo wallpaper widget is sure to impress you immediately.

6. ScreenKit


ScreenKit is more than an ordinary widget application. If you’re in search of a complete iPhone home screen design app, you should not hesitate to test it. It comes with more than 5000 gorgeously designed icons, as well as more than 500 gorgeous themes along with widgets this app can allow you to design the iPhone home screen to suit your personal preferences. 

The widgets are offered in various categories such as an alarm clock, countdown clock and battery, date, calendar, and many more. You’ll have the ability to customize your home screen with a range of widgets. Additionally, it comes with an easy icon change feature to make custom app icons for your iOS device.

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7. Weather (Best iPhone Widgets for Weather)


Another useful tool I am always happy to use is the widget for weather that provides me with the most current weather data in one glance. No more digging through the weather app to keep a record of vital information on the weather such as temperature or the air quality index. If you have an iPad and you don’t have an app from a third-party iPad weather app, the widget for the weather is the most efficient way to gain access to weather information.

However, while the weather widget built into the app is more than able to meet the requirements, the third-party weather apps available for the iPhone like Carrot Weather ($4.99) and Hey Weather ( free) are more user-friendly. Additionally, they provide an array of customization options for you to choose to display the desired information.

8. Soor Music Player

Soor Music Player

Soor is an elegant application as well as a great music player for the iPhone that is designed to improve the quality of your Apple Music listening experience. It’s integrated with Apple’s streaming service, allowing you to play, add and share music from the vast collection of more than 75 million tracks. 

For your user experience, it’s customizable, allowing you to adjust it to your personal preference. In addition, there are dark, light, and black themes that allow you to personalize the user interface to your preferences.

For Soor Music player widgets they’re vibrant. The widgets allow you to stay up-to-date with the most popular playlists, recently played tracks, and your most-loved artists easily. While Soor’s Soor music player can be expensive at $7, it’s been equipped with features to be worthy of the expectations.

9. Batteries


In simple terms “Batteries” can be described as one of the most useful iPhone widgets. It lets you monitor how long the batteries last on your iPhone and also connects Bluetooth devices such as AirPods and AirPods 2.

If you want to keep track of the life of your battery on your devices in the panel of widgets You shouldn’t be averse to this feature. Additionally, it comes already installed, which means you don’t have to install any third-party application or pay for it to begin.

10. Advanced Battery Widget & Usage Monitor

Advanced Battery Widget & Usage Monitor

In case you need to keep track of important information such as battery or screen brightness as well as memory Battery Widget and Use Monitor is the tool you must utilize. The widget can be fully customized and lets you keep track of the hardware’s information easily.

In addition, you could make use of this widget to monitor the Wi-Fi network’s information and cell data network connection status. The developer has said that the data insights, as well as operating system data, are expected to be available soon. Be aware that the free edition of this widget will be restricted. If you wish to access all options, you’ll need to upgrade.

11. Spark Mail (Best iPhone Widgets)

 Spark Mail

Spark Mail is the best email client for efficiently dealing with an ever-growing inbox. Spark Mail, Readdle’s email client, excels at keeping your inbox clear so you can concentrate on what is important to you. 

Spark allows you to connect all your accounts and keep track of emails from one place. This popular email client is a favorite of mine so I recommend you give Spark a try. The widget is available in a variety of designs so that you can pick the right design to keep track of emails from your iPhone’s home screen.

12. Calendar and Reminders

Calendar and Reminders

The calendar widget is one of my favorite iOS widgets. It allows me to quickly see my upcoming events. Other than the native iOS calendar app, many third-party apps can be used, including Fantastical ( free), in-app purchases, BusyCal ( $4.99), as well as other offer widgets.

The stock widget is perfect for a simple reminders/calendar widget. If you want to customize your widget, third-party products are the best choice.

13. Files (Best iPhone Widgets)


You can have instant access to all files that you’ve opened recently. The stock file manager widget is a must-have if you want instant access to all recently opened files.

This widget is very helpful for me as I rely heavily on the stock file manager to manage my files on iOS. This saves a lot of time by making sure the most recent files are only a click away. It may also prove to be helpful for you.

14. Color Widgets (Best iPhone Widgets)

Color Widgets

Color widgets are a great choice for those who want many customizable and colorful iOS home screen widgets. You can choose from a variety of widget styles, including an analog clock, reminders, countdown, calendar, and step count, to make your iPhone home screen look great. The app regularly updates its catalog with new widgets so you have plenty of options. You can also design your home screen widgets by using your photos, fonts, and color scheme to create a more personal experience.

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15. Fitness (Best iPhone Widgets)


This one is for those who are serious about their health and fitness. This iOS widget can be saved to keep track of your activity if you’re one of these people.

It’s already built-in so you can expect it will work on your iOS device and show your progress. You won’t have to go into the Health app to see how you’re doing in the gym or how much work you need to do to achieve your goal.

16. Fantastical


Fantastical is a great task manager and calendar app. This app could be worth a look if you’re looking for something more than Apple’s calendar app. The fantastical widget is well-designed and does a great job of helping you keep track of what matters to you. It also offers an extended 10-day forecast that will help you plan your trip smartly and keep you from getting caught in bad weather.

Fantastical also offers several impressive widget designs to ensure you find the one that suits your needs. You can choose from the event list+calendar or event list+date widgets, depending on your needs. Or, for a more minimalist look, the quick action widget.

(Free premium version starting at $4.99/monthly).

17. Google News (Best iPhone Widgets)

Google News

Are you interested in keeping up with all the news to stay informed? If so, consider adding one of the most useful news apps to your iPhone for the Today View. This will allow you to keep up with all the latest news.

It boasts a wide range of trustworthy publishers and is the kind of platform that allows you to read stories on a variety of topics, including politics, technology, business, entertainment, and sports. It’s free to use and supports multiple languages.

18. Find My Widget

Find My Widget

Use the Find My app. You can receive location updates from Find My and use them to track your items. Find I did not have a widget for the home screen in iOS 14. The widget for Find My app will now be available as an Apple AirTag. The Find My Widget allows you to keep track of all your items and people sharing their locations with you right from your iPhone’s home screen.

There are two sizes and types of widgets. The Find My People widget can be used to track people who share their location with you. Or, you can use the Find My Items widget to track AirTags or other compatible third-party item trackers. These widgets come in two sizes: 2×2 or 2×4.

You should also check out AirTag tips and how AirTag can be set to lost mode.

19. WhatsApp (Best iPhone Widgets)


As WhatsApp is the default messaging app for most people, it’s a great widget to have. The WhatsApp widget for iPhone has quick access to your favorite contacts.

In case you need to communicate frequently with people, the widget can be used to jump into the conversation from your lock screen. All you need to do to get started is to head to the widgets library (swipe left to access widgets panel-> Edit button at bottom -> Customize). Next, tap the “+” button left of the WhatsApp widget. Add it.

You should also check out our list of WhatsApp alternatives if you are thinking of switching WhatsApp to Signal, or another chat app.

20. Shortcuts


You may already know that apps can be launched by a back tap from your iPhone. You can also use the Shortcuts app to download Instagram videos and post tweets. You probably already have the Shortcuts widget.

The Shortcuts widget allows you to launch your favorite shortcut in just one tap. You can even quickly get to the Shortcuts folder. This is a better way than the traditional route of adding shortcuts to launch or access the most frequently used hacks. Don’t forget to add it to your collection of useful iPhone widgets.

21. Sticky Notes Widget (Best iPhone Widgets)

Sticky Notes Widget

One of my favorite tools is the Sticky Notes widget since it makes keeping track of important notes a breeze. If you are also interested in the idea of keeping track of notes at a single glance Sticky Widgets can be your choice.

With this app, you can highlight sticky notes on the home display of your device. You can edit them at any time you’d like. It’s light and performs exactly as you would expect. In addition, is that you don’t have to spend a dime to get sticky notes running.

22. Screen Time (Best iPhone Widgets)

Screen Time

Have you ever wanted to keep a record of all the data about Screen Time a bit faster or without the need to open your Settings application on your iPhone? If so, this Screen Time widget is for you.

By using this Screen Time widget, you can monitor your device’s usage in an instant. The standard widget does very well at displaying the use of your device. Additionally, it comes in various sizes so that you can select the ideal size based on the amount of information you wish to keep in the back of your mind.

23. Smart Battery Widget

Smart Battery Widget

There is no shortage of useful iPhone battery widgets, the Smart Battery Widget is more attractive to me. In addition to having an attractive style, the widget also has a unique method to keep you updated on the remaining juice in the battery that is your iPhone. The app provides four live estimates, including talking time, gaming time audio playback, and video playback. 

This makes it simple to determine the time it will take to use your iPhone for a specific purpose such as watching the most popular Netflix films or playing your favorite game with friends’ iPhone game. In addition, it provides estimates of the storage capacity of your device so that you’re informed of your storage usage without difficulty.

24. Contacts Widget

contacts widget

One thing I didn’t get with widgets on iOS 14, was the option to contact people directly through the Home screen. Now, with iOS 15 Apple introduced a Contacts widget that could aid in solving that issue.

In the Contacts widget (available in 2×2, 4×4, or 4×4) you can create the contacts you wish to display at the top of your screen. You can then click any contact to view the details of them which includes messages they’ve left you, images of the person in your gallery as well as other details. In addition, you can get handy shortcuts to contact them or even FaceTime them.

25. Shazam


If you’re a music lover then you should use this app. Shazam widget can do an easy task. It lets you identify music playing in the background in just one click. Ideal for times when you hear an unfamiliar song and you want to learn more details about it.

Additionally, Apple has also integrated Shazam into iOS to allow you to quickly identify songs in the Control Center of your device. If you’re interested in giving an attempt at this brand-new iOS feature, go to this tutorial.

26. Copied Touch

Copied Touch

Copied Touch is an excellent application that keeps a record of your clipboard to ensure that you do not miss the items you copied. It lets you duplicate multiple items without the most recent copy overwriting the previous one. Its widget allows easy access to a previous couple of copied items, so you can quickly copy them whenever you’d like.

It’s also a good storage option for quickly copying notes, without having to put them in any other place. I copy nearly every day using my iPhone and its app is something I can’t live without.

27. Siri Suggestions (Best iPhone Widgets)

Siri Suggestions

Based on the type of use you have, Siri suggests a handful of apps to ensure that you can open the apps with ease. For me, they function in a way that makes it a simple launcher to the apps you love.

If you’re finding Siri suggested apps to be user-friendly You will appreciate this Siri Suggestions app. Like other widgets, it comes in various sizes. I suggest that you select the larger size if would like to get easy access to more applications.

28. Drafts (Top iPhone Widgets)


“Drafts” is my favorite note-taking app available on the iOS App Store and I enjoy the simple widgets it comes with. My favorite feature of Drafts is how it lets me quickly write down notes. It doesn’t matter if I need to take notes in writing, copy something I’ve copied, or even record a voice memo, Drafts’ widget gives me quick access to each of the actions.

If you’re paying for a subscription, Drafts lets you utilize many more kinds of widgets specifically made to allow you to get to your notes in a hurry. If you don’t have Drafts be sure to check if your note-taking application has widgets or not.

Notably, many of the well-known note-taking apps like Apple Notes, Evernote (free), and more, come with useful widgets.

29. ESPN (Best Widgets for iPhone)


This is perfect for you sports enthusiasts who are out there. ESPN’s widget lets users keep the track of their favorite team’s standings and follow their latest games in real-time. I am a huge fan of using the ESPN app and keep track of all my sports teams of choice on it.

It’s a great widget because it allows me to glance around and see the teams my favorites are doing. Even if you’re not using ESPN there is a good chance that your sports app includes widgets that can be used to keep the track of your teams.

30. Chrome Suggested Sites

Chrome Suggested Sites

Each time you wish to get access to the most exciting and interesting websites there is no need to follow the standard ways. It’s true! By having the Google Suggested Websites iOS widget to go it is easy to access the websites that you frequently visit on your Today View display.

The browser on the web keeps a record of your history of browsing and makes suggestions based on your browsing history, making it extremely easy to navigate specific websites. With the way this tool is I wouldn’t be shocked when you add it to your collection of cool iOS applications to use on your iPhone as well as iPad.

31. Game Center Widget

Game Center Widget

The Coronavirus epidemic has brought many changes to our social interactions with each other, and playing games with your friends online is one of the best methods to relax and enjoy a night out, though virtual, with other friends. If you’re using Game Center on your Apple device, Game Center to play together with your pals and keep a list of your prizes and other prizes, the brand updated Game Center widget can come to your aid.

This widget allows you can play games that you’ve played in the past. You can also find out the games that your acquaintances have been playing with their iPhones and play the games you like.

32. DataMan – Data Usage Widget

DataMan - Data Usage Widget

If you do not monitor the use of data on the limited bandwidth, it will be a case of running out of steam rapidly – long ahead of the due date. Although there are plenty of apps that track data but not all allow you to track the data usage without difficulty. However, don’t worry and this is the area where DataMan plays a part to perform.

The widget for data usage helps you track the consumption of data on iOS an easy task. It’s accessible at the top of the screen on your iPhone. If you’re looking to see how much data remains in the tank before starting the long video streaming session or launching lengthy browsing on the home screen, the information usage widget will inform you with a glance.

Furthermore, the DataMan widget additionally sends you custom notifications about usage to stay informed on when you’ll hit your data limit. If you’re someone who uses many beneficial iPhone shortcuts this app provides a Siri shortcut that lets you obtain a forecast of your data usage simply with a simple call to Siri.

33. Google Photos (Preferred iPhone Widget)

Google Photos

While not undermining Apple Photos, I would like to add the following: Google Photos remains the most popular storage for video and photos across all platforms. It’s a joy to observe Google Photos adding ‘Your memories’ to iOS 15 home screen widgets.

With the memory widgets that you can have look at recent highlights of photos and interesting moments. Each widget will show the exact date that a photo was taken, letting it possible to travel back in time in a fun manner.

To access Google Photos’ cool “Your memories’ widget, simply touch and hold an empty screen and hit the “+” button, then select Google Photos. Select the size you prefer and click the Add Widget button.

34. Headspace


Meditation is the best method to relieve stress and gain the peace of mind that is sorely needed. For this, you should look no further than Headspace which is among the top meditation apps available for iPhone. It has an ever-growing collection with guided meditations that cover all things from relaxing your mind, to reducing stress and revealing the secret to living a healthy life. 

To help you find enough time to meditate, even with an incredibly busy schedule, it offers short meditations ( 3 minutes). It is interesting to note that Headspace also has soothing stories that you can like to listen to while you meditate. With the help of Headspace widgets, you will receive helpful advice to help you begin your meditation session in a short time.

35. Google Assistant

Google Assistant

It’s true, Google Assistant doesn’t work as effectively on iOS as it is on Android due to the limitations. However, Google’s assistant is capable of providing a strong challenge with Siri as well. There are many beneficial Google Assistant functions that you can utilize. From the ability to look up weather forecasts to keeping track of the most recent news or even tell funny jokes Google Assistant can perform more than you’d think.

So, if you’d like to make the most of the benefits of Google Assistant, make sure that you add it to your lock screen. To put this helpful iPhone gadget to life make sure to go to the library of lock screen widgets and then add it to the library.

After it is integrated into the widgets panel all you have to do to join the conversation is press the microphone’s tiny button.

36. Google Maps

Google Maps

Apple is a master at creating numerous things. Unfortunately, Maps has not been one of the most popular. Google Maps is still leaps and bounds ahead of Apple Maps, especially if you live outside of the US. There are many helpful Google Maps tricks and features; in addition, Google Maps gives you access to many useful widgets.

You can make use of an application that displays the amount of traffic in your vicinity, one that shows you how long it will take to get to your destination or one of the three other widgets. I typically choose the one that tells me the travel time since it allows me to get there in time. It is possible to see all five widgets Google Maps offers in the photo below.

37. widgetopia Widgets and Weather

widgetopia Widgets and Weather

Created by the same group that created WatchMaker (a fantastic site to search for custom Apple Watch faces) It is a widget application that has the largest selection of Widgets. With more than 1000 widgets available, the app will ensure that you will have plenty of options to play with. Therefore, whether you wish to place your total steps in the front of your mind, give an extra focus to countdowns or stay in tune with the coming events by showing calendars or agendas it is fully equipped.

Additionally, widgetopia has a range of tools for a design that can be used to create customized widgets to create a unique experience. It also has translucent widgets too.

38. Sleep Widget (Best Free iPhone Widgets)

Sleep Widget

As of iOS 15 and watchOS 8, The native sleep detection feature in Apple Watch is getting more effective. It is now possible to track your breathing rate while sleeping on Apple Watch. And, if you’re into monitoring your fitness level with workout apps and more, the latest sleep app could be a great feature.

As the name implies, this widget lets you see a snapshot of the amount of sleep you got the night before. Additionally, you can click on the widget to access the sleep section in the Health app. You can also view additional parameters like your breathing level, oxygen in your blood levels as well as other information regarding your sleeping habits.

39. Mail App

Mail App

It might not be the most effective email application on the market but the default Mail app for iPhone is robust and efficient. It now comes with its widget for home screens making it more user-friendly than ever before.

With the Mail widget for the app, it is possible to select two dimensions (2×4 4×4) and then add them to your main screen. The widget will show your emails in the selected mailbox and allow you to click on a specific mail to view it right from Mail. Mail app. It’s handy and saves some steps from opening new emails inside the Mail application.

40. Spotify (Best Free widgets for iphone)


Swedish Music streaming company Spotify (with more than 360 million active subscribers) is still absolutely one of the most popular music streaming apps available. Therefore, it’s important to take note of the new Spotify iOS Home screen widget.

With it, you will be able to browse the most recently played playlists artist, albums, and podcasts directly on the home screen. So, streaming recent songs you’ve played or your preferred podcasts is simple.

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