Best Hacking Apps For Android: You must Use to Hack

Hacking apps break the security systems by interfering with the security layout. Android Hacking Apps can easily be installed on devices that modify HTML responses. These apps can find vulnerabilities in security systems, map devices, control Wifi, lock screen widget, and more.

It is a good thing about these apps that they are undetectable thanks to many free network tools with modifications.

So in this guide, we have picked the best Hacking Apps for Android with their features and download links so that you do not wander anywhere to install them.

Here is a guide to root android phones. Because some apps may need of Rooted device.

best hacking apps for android
best Tools for Hacking

Best Hacking Apps for Android

Here are hacking Tools for Android, follow:

1) AndroRAT (Best Hacking App)

It is an adaptable Android program, invisible to anti-virus scanners, and allows remote access to an Android smartphone or tablet. An Android hacking program called AndroRAT was released in 2012.

It is a remote access tool that enables remote access to an Android system. It exploits a system’s weakness, works on both mac and windows, and can be implemented as a server-side or client-side Java Android application.

Because of its capabilities that allow the user to access and operate the targeted device system efficiently, AndroRAT is one of the more user-friendly apps.

It collects information like Call Logs, Incoming and outgoing messages, Wifi networks, location, saved password, and other files from the targeted device.


  • Anti Virus Scanners can’t detect it.
  • Open the URL in the browser of the Targeted Phone.
  • You have access to the IP Address, Sim Card Information, Location, and other things of the target phone.
  • It is light and runs in the background, making it hard to detect.

Link: https://github.com/karma9874/AndroRAT

2) cSploit (Useful App for hacking)

It’s the ideal hacking tool for beginner hackers as it allows users to develop new hacking techniques. CSploit is a penetration-testing tool that enables the scanning of WiFi networks as well as local hosts. It offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to operate.

It is among the top Android hacking applications for Android phones. It analyzes them and finds weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the system. It offers a variety of network tools that are free and allows you to access the network in real-time.


  • It shows the internal network
  • Can identify the connected network. 
  • Introduces backdoors into systems to allow access to it later
  • It assists you in scanning your network for weaknesses
  • Uses WiFi networks and passwords
  • Real-time traffic manipulation that modifies the appearance of images as well as text.
  • It could replace secured web pages, visual, textual, or other content.

Link: https://github.com/cSploit/android

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3) Kali NetHunter

It is a security analysis tool that runs efficiently and supports multi-languages.

Kali NetHunter is an open-source Android platform based on Kali Linux that is used to access the system. It is a hacking Android application designed for the strictest security evaluation and auditioning. Kali NetHunter can edit files and perform Android app rewrites and other functions by identifying weaknesses in security systems and then thriving off these vulnerabilities.


  • It also supports multi-language support.
  • It has more than 600 penetration and analytical tools.
  • It works with a variety of devices and is customizable.
  • Allows wireless frame injection
  • It is accessible to all devices, regardless of whether they are rooted.

Link: https://www.kali.org/docs/nethunter/installing-nethunter/

4) Network Mapper

It maps out the security of a system and identifies vulnerabilities by itself.

Network mapper is one of the hacker applications that map the entire security system, examine the system’s security on its own, and exposes weaknesses and weaknesses. Nmap is a non-official Android frontend to the scanner Nmap. Hackers love this app since it’s similar to sending someone a message and relaxing while the person arrives.


  • Find the security flaws and weaknesses of the system
  • Ports are open on a host that is a target
  • detects new servers and sends an alert
  • Response analysis in real-time and measurement

Link: https://nmap.org

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5) DroidSheep

It is the most effective mobile hacking tool to hack into social media accounts and other messaging apps, such as Facebook or Instagram on

DroidSheep is among the best hacking tools that let you hack websites that aren’t secured by the WiFi connection. It analyzes and exposes the strength of networks by exposing their weaknesses. DroidSheep is an application with features that allow you to hack social messaging applications such as Facebook and Instagram. This makes it different from other hacking applications.

DroidSheep utilizes sessions to gain access to the target account on social media along with other instant messaging applications. It has the unique option of hacking social network accounts, making it the most popular Android hacking tool. DroidSheep will receive any information transmitted through a wireless network. Droid’s official website states that it can work with any website that uses cookies.


  • Removing a session from the list
  • Get real-time information about cookie sessions
  • The security features of a device by one click
  • Use email to transfer cookie information

Link: https://droidsheep.info

6) Sniffer Wicap

It has a friendly UX, is easy to grasp, and doesn’t require root access.

Sniffer Wicap is among the top hacking applications for Android that is user-friendly UX. It doesn’t require root access on your Android device and is very simple.

It is recommended to anyone new to hacking. This is one of the latest Android hacking applications, and just like its name implies, it monitors WiFi and LTE networks.


  • Excerpt passwords from applications in the system.
  • This app analyzes the data and provides statistics
  • Breakdowns of complex device packets
  • Real-time packet information
  • Built-in root terminal

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evbadroid.wicap&hl=en=US

7) NetX Network Tool

its design makes fetching and accessing data from network analysis simple.

NetX Network Tool can be described as an Android hacking application that helps you identify the device connected to your WiFi.

It provides all the data about the devices linked to the network. This makes it possible to get important information from the device you want to access.


  • The Access IP address is the Mac address, the vendor, and the domain on devices connected to the internet.
  • Remotely turn off the device that is connecting via WiFi. WiFi network.
  • Scans WiFi networks for the strength of signals, signal strength, and encryption.
  • Multi-language support
  • The app monitors connections to WiFi and provides an alert when a suspicious gadget is connected.
  • It could show the visual representation of the bandwidth.
  • Allows access to access to a WiFi system that has WPS protocol enabled.

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tools.netgel.net

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8) WiFi KiLL Pro

It can disable WiFi Connected devices as per the name.

It is among the apps for hacking that assist legal hackers prevent intruders from gaining access to an organization’s security system. Its name refers to it the WiFi kill app due to its effectiveness in removing unwanted devices.


  • The ability to determine the number of devices connected and recognize devices that are threatening
  • Uninstall malicious applications that might try to interfere with the WiFi network’s traffic
  • Check the data transfer and uploads from devices connected to the WiFi network. View data transfers and uploads of devices connected to the same WiFi.
  • The ability to access the names of the devices could be an attack on WiFi networks.
  • Secures the security system from insufficient access point configurations
  • Obstruct devices that pose a threat and hinder the WPS connection to the company’s system

Link: https://www.WiFikill.net

9) Hackode

It scans the target security system and discovers vulnerabilities.

Hackode is among the hacking apps for free that claims to be the most comprehensive security toolkit for analysis, the network’s interference, password verification, and port scanning. Hackode contains the mobile penetration testing toolkit to test any device and conduct acceptable safety, strength checks, and wifi network weaknesses.

Hackode is utilized by IT administrators, ethical hackers, cybersecurity experts, and ethical hackers. The most significant benefit of hackode is its ability to execute reconnaissance actions and google hacking. It observes the system’s activities, comprehends how it works, and provides feedback. The purposes of this hacking device are Reconnaissance, Scanning, and Exploits, as well as the Security feed.


  • Access files that include SQL instruction
  • Provides target domain name and IP details
  • Supplies access to details about the targeted MySQL server. 
  • Scans websites for vulnerabilities and permits access to passwords and DNS lookup.
  • A connection to the email server that allows you to view messages that were sent via email
  • Access to the target Domain Name Server.

link: https://github.com/ravikumarpurbey/hackode

10) zAnti

It modifies HTML responses and requests, as well as access passwords

zAnti is an Android hacking application used to test a system’s security. Many organizations utilize zAnti frequently to identify attacks and intrusions. This hacking tool can identify the vulnerability of a security system with a press of a button, and it then reveals the flaws and holes in the security system.

The hacking software zAnti analyzes and diagnoses problems by accessing and presenting reports. It is essential to utilize zAnti to analyze the system. zAnti is the most effective hacking tool that reveals the strategies that an adversary could employ.

This Android application can expose dangerous devices connected to WiFi and give you the necessary information to shield your network from security threats and be aware of any threat.


  • Ability to modify device address
  • Detect unsafe WiFi hotspot
  • Modify and alter HTTP responses
  • Verify the strength of the password and examine the vulnerability
  • Ability to bypass Mac filtering when connected switches and routers

Link: https://www.zimperium.com/zanti-mobile-penetration-testing/

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