Best Chrome Extensions for Students in 2022

This article has put together this list of the best and most helpful chrome extensions for students.

A majority of today’s student work is conducted in an internet browser. Most of your academic and other activities are done using the browser if you’re in the university or college.

Fortunately, if you’re using Google Chrome, you can utilize Chrome extensions to make your life as a student much more accessible, and your marks will improve.

best chrome extensions for students
best chrome extensions for students

Best Chrome Extensions for Students and Teachers

Here is a list of Chrome Extensions for Students:

1. Grammarly (Grammer and Spell Correct Tool)

Best Chrome Extensions for Students

Grammarly is a sophisticated grammar checker tool that checks the quality of your written work against hundreds of grammar errors.

Its Free Version of this program will assist you in avoiding grammatical mistakes throughout your writing. The most significant benefit of this app is that it is compatible with a wide range of websites, including Gmail, Google Docs, and so on. Contrary to many of the other tools for grammar tools, it offers users the choice of choosing the English they use, either British as well as American.

Premium versions of the app can assist you in finding grammar errors and examining your writing for copywriting. It also helps you set the writing style and suggests adjustments to suit your needs.

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2. LanguageTool (Best Chrome Extensions for students)

Best Chrome Extensions for Students

While Chrome’s spellchecker built-in can assist you in fixing specific spelling errors, it’s not equipped to assist you in correcting grammatical errors. LanguageTool helps you to correct grammar errors across more than 20 languages.

It is compatible with almost all websites, including Facebook, Twitter, and email accounts. LanguageTool highlights text that requires correction and lets you correct grammatical errors with only one click. LanguageTool marks the text spelling errors as well as grammar mistakes.

3. Outwrite for Chrome

Best Chrome Extensions for Students

Outwrite, an application that works with Chrome, is a multi-purpose application for writing that helps students and teachers create engaging content for various needs. It can also function as a spelling and grammar checker, plagiarism checker, punctuation checker, thesaurus, and writing statistics to ensure improved comprehension.

Outwrite in Chrome also includes a Paraphrasing Tool. It also provides tips on style and structure to help you write more effectively. It’s not just accessible in Chrome, however. Make use of Outwrite now to write like a professional!

4. Wordtune

Best Extensions for Students

Wordtune is an AI-powered writing companion which helps you write engaging content that is authentic and with more clarity. Its AI-powered recommendations thoroughly comprehend context and meaning, providing a new set of tools to help you find the appropriate words and tone that you want to make your content stand out to your readers.

Through Wordtune Wordtune, you can write enhanced, precise, and concise content confidently. It helps you clarify your goals and achieve the most significant outcomes you’d like from your viewers. Additionally, it lets you quickly expand your vocabulary while writing and spend less time editing your work.

5. Plagly (Plagriasm Checker)

Best Chrome Extensions for chrome

Plagiarism checker is a Chrome extension that tests texts in the event of plagiarism. You can choose any paragraph and right-click to test the text to see if it is free of plagiarization.

While the initial few actions are free, you must pay a reasonable monthly fee for access to all the tools and unlimited plagiarism detection.

6. Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism checker is a Chrome extension that examines the text in the event of plagiarism. You can pick any text you want to edit and right-click it to check the text for plagiarism.

It’s free and doesn’t require any payment to access the whole application. Although it’s not the ideal tool to verify plagiarism, It’s free and has a basic plagiarism check.

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7. MyBib (Citation Generators)

Best Chrome Extensions for teachers

MyBib is a no-cost citation maker extension available for Google Chrome. This Chrome extension provides you with information on what sources are trustworthy. It also assists you in creating the citations you need based on over 9000 pre-defined, supported citation styles, including Chicago, MLA, APA, AMA, and Harvard.

You can save your bibliography on the clipboard or save it in it is a Word document. It will do the same thing EasyBib and Cite can do for me but make it more effective. I highly recommend this extension over the two other options.

8. Power Thesaurus

Best Chrome Extensions for Students

Power Thesaurus is a no-cost Chrome extension that shows you the synonyms and antonyms without leaving the page where you came across that word. It will help you improve your writing skills by making it easy to locate similar, more powerful words to substitute those weak ones.

You can look up the Thesaurus with this extension by choosing a word, then pressing the appropriate button. You can also click the extension icon on the menu bar, input the comment manually, and then search for the Thesaurus.

9. Quillbot

top Chrome Extensions for Students

Quillbot is a no-cost Chrome extension that lets you substitute words with alternative words in the Thesaurus with just one click. Instead of finding alternatives for every single word on your own, you need to type an entire paragraph or sentence into this tool and hit the Quill option to create a new section containing alternatives to the words.

10. Speechify

useful Chrome Extensions for Students

Speechify is a Google Chrome extension (and IOS application) that allows you to listen to webcasts. Students can make use of it to listen to their work as well as proofread their essays. Examine notes, read the emails they receive, and so much more.

Teachers, professionals, professors, and parents can utilize it to improve their efficiency and enhance their recall by listening to audiobooks and whitepapers, essay,s, as well as Gmail or Google Docs.

You can also listen to your texts using celebrity voices. You could use Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gweneth Paltrow as your reading companions.

11. Right Inbox

Helpful Chrome Extensions for Students

Right Inbox is an effective email tool that works effortlessly with Gmail.

It lets you plan your Gmail emails to be delivered later. You can also schedule reminders for follow-up emails. Due to its powerful templates, you can compose emails more quickly through Right Inbox. You can change signatures in just one click.

The Right Inbox could be your solution if you’re looking to schedule reminders, make regular emails, create private notes, and receive subsequent notifications.

12. Evernote Web Clipper

Best Chrome Extensions for Students

Evernote can be described as the largest and most well-known note-taking application that is used by millions of users all over the world. It’s not just a tool to increase your productivity but also helps to remember what you have learned. The most significant benefit of using Evernote is its ability to record notes from online sources such as websites, emails, and other sources with a single click.

Note-taking with Evernote’s note-taking capabilities will speed up your workflow and provide an easy way to keep everything you’ve learned.
Evernote Web Clipper allows you to record most of everything you can find on your Internet. From memes to research materials to memes, you can save all of it into the Evernote account within a couple of clicks.

The extension also lets users capture photographs. The most significant benefit of this application is that it enables users only to capture a portion of a webpage. Additionally, it can choose the content of web pages, including Reddit Posts, Tweets, or Blog Posts, as well as other pages.

The most appealing aspect of saving content using web clippers web Clipper is that you can save a copy of the page in Evernote. Evernote even after the page goes offline.

13. Todoist

Best Chrome Extensions for Students

Todoist is among the most well-known to-do list applications. It has applications for every device, which include Android, iOS, etc. Making a list of things to do on your mind will limit your efficiency. Todoist Chrome’s Todoist Chrome extension lets you be productive throughout the day without losing track of your obligations. The user-friendly interface allows you to track everything you must do during your day.

Todoist was created by collaborating with others. Working with others who use Todoist in projects and tasks is easy. You can post comments on your tasks for your colleagues.

The thing I love the most I like the most about Todoist is how it will automatically suggest dates and times for your tasks according to your schedule. Once you’ve created a task, the system will recommend a day when you click on the calendar icon beside the task’s name.

Todoist allows you to split your work by labels and projects to enhance productivity. Additionally, you can make filters to separate tasks based on the priority and projects and the people they’re assigned to. Todoist is an essential task list or an all-encompassing productivity software with numerous features like Reminders, Repeat Tasks, Filters Labels, and more.

14. Auto Highlight

Best Chrome Extensions for Students

Automatic Highlight allows you to read online content more quickly by auto-highlighting the essential elements that make up the content. It’s exact, with highlights the majority of times. It could help reduce your reading time by half.

Instead of reading all the text, you need to select the Auto Highlight icon on the menu bar after you’ve downloaded an extension. It will highlight the most significant sections of the article. The extension highlights important passages by using yellow background. You can alter your color scheme for the text highlighted on the extension’s options page.

15. Kami Extension

Best Chrome Extensions for Students

Kami is an extension free of charge that allows users to edit and annotate PDF files within the browser. It lets you add text to documents or draw directly on them. It can be used offline and has various options for no cost.

You can edit documents using Google Drive as well as Google Classroom. Kami is designed to be used collaboratively between teachers and students. It lets you work with teachers and fellow students effortlessly.

You may want to add annotations to your notes to make them easier to read or need a teacher’s critique of a project. Kami can help you with this. It provides a seamless process for annotation of PDF documents as well as working on the papers.

16. Tide Focus Timer as well as White Noise

Best Chrome Extensions for Students

Tide Focus Timer and White Noise is a productive tool that helps you stay focussed on your work or studying while increasing your productivity through the natural white noise and other features. They mainly comprise the focus duration timer, focus stats, and natural background noise to keep your mood in check and stay active and focused.

In addition to the timer for the focus, there’s an additional personalized timer for the focus to set the desired break time. This is based on the Pomodoro technique to improve overall effectiveness. Another feature is Immersive Mode. Keep a detailed, real-time track of your entire day or specific hours using your focus stats. Keep your focus and be productive with Tide!!

17. LastPass (Online Security Apps)

Best Chrome Extensions for Students

LastPass can be described as one of the most effective password management tools that store your passwords safely in the cloud. It also provides secure access to every website you sign in to on any computer or mobile device.

LastPass will remember all your passwords automatically, and you don’t have to select weak passwords or ones that are easy to remember. It’s more than an account manager for your password. It can store not only passwords but also other crucial information like your credit card details and bank account information.

LastPass is available as a free account option or change to paid plans beginning at only three dollars monthly.

18. AdBlock Plus

Best Chrome Extensions for Students

Ad Blockers stop annoying, intrusive (and possibly malware) advertisements and pop-ups from websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and other popular websites.

Instead of reading all the text, you need to select the Auto Highlight icon on the menu bar after you’ve downloaded an extension. It also blocks harmful and possibly harmful advertising hidden in advertisements on websites.

19. CyberGhost VPN

Best Chrome Extensions for Students

The VPN (a virtual private network) offers an encrypted connection that protects your computer’s Internet traffic to ensure privacy and security online. With VPN VPN, students are protected by accessing free WiFi hotspots on campus at cafes, libraries, and more.

CyberGhost is an industry-leading VPN service with more than 15 million users worldwide. The Google Chrome extension is free to download and is available to all users worldwide, even from countries with internet access restrictions.

20. Cite This for Me

Best Chrome Extensions for Students

If making your library catalog an issue that is a significant source of stress in your life, You’ll be delighted with Cite This for Me. A click on your browsing website will instantly produce a perfectly designed bibliography. You can paste and copy the content into your documents or save the whole source in an account on the internet. 

You can also easily create complete lists of all the sources you have used through your online version. Cite This To Me can support Chicago, MLA, APA, Harvard styles, and many more styles.

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