Best Chrome Extensions for Programmers Must Know in 2022

This guide will tell you the best chrome extensions for programmers or web developers. Extensions can add additional options and capabilities to your web browsers, enhancing your work process. For instance, Grammarly is an extension for writing that helps you to review spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It offers suggestions for better sentences to make creating emails or other documents easy.

Here are some Best Chrome Extensions for students and teachers.

In the same way, by making use of these extension tools, website designers can save time and money in the sense that the majority of these powerful tools are available for free. From the font used on web pages to the technology that powers them, these extensions assist in creating and optimizing the products that are made every day and enhance existing ones being used.

Best Chrome Extensions for Programmers Must Know
Best chrome extensions for programmers

Best Chrome Extensions for Programmers:

1. Window Resizer

The number of internet users is growing every day, thanks to various devices such as browsers, sizes of screens, and resolutions. It is critical to offer a great user experience to make websites and applications fluid and responsive with all possible combinations of devices.

Window Resizer changes the size of the browser’s window to match different screen resolutions, making it beneficial for web developers in testing layouts, mainly when designing responsive designs.

Most of the standard tablet, mobile, and desktop resolutions are covered. Additionally, there are options to include customized sizes if your preferred resolution isn’t covered. This Chrome extension has the opportunity to export your settings and then import the settings to a different computer.

Download Window Resizer Extension

2. Githunt (Best Chrome Extensions for Web Developers)

Githunt can be helpful if you spend long hours browsing GitHub searching for new projects to develop. Instead of relying on the GitHub most popular projects feed, the Chrome developer extension can bring it to the forefront by highlighting the most popular projects within a new tab section within your browser.

It is possible to search for projects in various languages and read the project’s brief description and the current number of open issues. Then, click the project from the tab to access the project and look at it further. It’s a great little extension if you enjoy helping out with new projects.

3. HTML Validator (Best Chrome Extensions for Programmers)

HTML Validator can be described as a fast tool to test your HTML in the browser. There are many HTML tools on the market, and you’re likely to have several of them. However, HTML Validator is helpful in quickly validating markup in the browser.

After installing an extension program, launch the application developer window from the page and click on the HTML Validator tab. Your entire HTML goodness is displayed with the errors appearing in the upper right.

4. WhatFont

WhatFont is one of the helpful Chrome extensions for programmers who wish to detect fonts on websites. It’s quick, efficient, and can identify individual fonts on the page in a matter of minutes. It also recognizes the family size, weight, and color. It all happens within a tiny popup window that appears in the browser.

WhatFont is perfect for web designers who want to gather examples of excellent websites they could copy in the future. It’s tiny, doesn’t consume numerous resources, and is helpful. It’s not been updated for some time, but it still functions well.

5. Page Ruler (Best Chrome Extensions for Programmers)

Page Ruler is like Dimensions in that it’s a fluid extension of measurement. While Dimensions can determine the width and height of elements, Page Ruler is better for taking measurements between these elements. Page Rule measures those elements exceptionally precisely.

If you have to take measurements, click the ruler icon until it changes to orange. The page will fade and allows you to draw the part you need to measure. The extension will then display the exact dimensions of the element in a small box next to it.

6. Web Developer Checklist (Top Chrome Extensions for Programmers)

Web Developer Checklist an Chrome extensions for web developers. It provides the steps needed to follow for a website before its publication. It’s an excellent add-on for developers with a busy schedule.

Install the extension and notice a code icon on the toolbar. Click it, you’re on a web page, and a pop-up will show the best practices you’ll have to follow before publishing. They comprise SEO mobile usability, social performance other measures that can be used to select them.

7. Lightshot

Lightshot is another Chrome extension available to developers that could help all kinds and types of users. In the same way, developers could use it often for UX users to test their UX. Instructors, user testers, graphic designers, and other users can make amazing images using this tool.

After installation, go to the webpage you wish to record and click on an icon that resembles a feather. Drop the cursor on the area you want to capture. Select the pop-up menu and save the photo.

8. Lorem Ipsum generator (Best Chrome Extensions for Programmers)

The lorem-ipsum generator can do precisely what its name suggests. It is a simple and fast method to generate the default text. This is an easy win for those who need a textbook that defaults to use as an alternative to a placeholder.

Link: Lorem Ipsum Generator

9. BrowserStack

BrowserStack is another helpful Chrome extension for developers of websites that lets you test your code using every available on-demand browser and operating system.

This plugin provides real devices to test on and not emulators/simulators. It allows you to launch new test sessions using real browsers in only a few clicks. It also allows you to start as many as 12 different browsers to have quick access to switch between browsers and save time in the whole testing process by using Chrome Extension. Chrome Extension.

It allows you to test your website or app’s responsiveness and the user experience in real-time to report bugs.

To make use of BrowserStack Integration:

  1. Install the BrowserStack Extension.
  2. Start the page you wish to test, and then click the BrowserStack logo in the toolbar of your extension.
  3. Select the browser and device combination you’d like to test.

Notification: Testers must have an account on BrowserStack to use this Chrome extension. Register for a free account directly through the extension.

Additionally, BrowserStack Local allows you to check local servers, CSS, HTML, and JS files on the desktop and mobile browsers on various OSes.

Download BrowserStack Extension

10. ColorZilla

Colorzilla can be described as an eyedropper application with the ability to color selector, a color history CSS color analyzer, and more. It’s a great Chrome Extension for website developers and designers to quickly detect the color you want to use for your designs or work.

Download ColorZilla Extension

11. WhatFont (Best Chrome Extensions for Programmers)

This extension lets you determine the font of any webpage quickly and efficiently, allowing you to choose the results in a matter of seconds. Hover over the text you’d like to find the font.

It can also help determine the style of the text size, weight, and color.

Download What Font Extension

12. Check My Links – Chrome extension for programmers

The extension is exactly what it promises. It checks My Link scans your website to determine whether it has broken links and checks for redirected and valid links. It’s easy to use and is extremely helpful in maintaining the SEO standards of your website.

Download Check My Links Extension

13. JavaScript and CSS Code Beautifier

As a web developer, you will often need to look up the source code of every website. What happens when you notice the code is arranged randomly following pressing ctrl+c and ctrl+v code in the source code or when you open .css/.js/.json files?

This extension is used to improve the code quality and organize it in a way that is easily understood and worked on.

Download JavaScript and CSS Code Beautifier Extension

14. Web Developer – One of the useful chrome extensions for programmers

This extension is an absolute must-have for web designers. Web Developer plugin will add an icon to your Chrome Web browser. When clicked, the toolbar displays a set of tools that can be found on any page.

It includes diverse categories, including CSS Disable, Cookies Images Outline, Forms, Informations, Miscellaneous, and Resize. Within each category, you can find numerous tools that can be used to carry out different actions. For instance, in the Images category, you have the option of:

  • Find broken images
  • Display image dimensions
  • The path to the image will be displayed.
  • Reload images

There are numerous others.

Download Web Developer Extension

15. Session Buddy

Session Buddy is one of the most well-known session management programs that lets developers manage their tabs by saving open tabs in collections that can be restored later. It is also able to restore tabs in the event of a crash.

Through search features, you can quickly locate what you’re looking for in your open or saved tabs.

Download Session Buddy Extension

16. JSON Viewer

As a developer, working with JSON data can be a challenge often. JSON viewer extension enhances and efficiently organizes the data to make it simple to work with.

A few of its characteristics include:

  • Open-source (at
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Option to sort JSON using keys
  • Option to display the line numbers

Download JSON Viewer Extension

17. Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer is a valuable tool for identifying all the technologies used to create a website.

You can discover how to program CMS, databases, web services, content management generators, analytics tools, server software, eCommerce platforms, plug-ins, and JavaScript frameworks with just one mouse click.

Download Wappalyzer Extension

18. Test IE

Although most internet users favor Chrome or one of the other modern browsers, a few users use Internet Explorer or Edge. These numbers aren’t huge, but nevertheless, as developers, we’d like to reach as many people as possible.

BrowserStack creates tests IE, and it performs tests using actual IE browsers (IE6 up to IE11) and all versions of Edge within Chrome. By clicking on the Chrome internet browser, you can begin a test session with Internet Explorer.

Download Test IE Chrome Extension

19. Lighthouse

How a website looks is not as important as how it functions. Even if a site appears beautiful, it is unlikely to attract more customers if its performance isn’t good.

This extension can be of enormous assistance to web developers. Lighthouse is an extension tool that can improve website efficiency and quality by running short tests and reviewing the site to create reports that help detect weak points.

Download Lighthouse Extension

20. Ghostery

The most valuable asset of a web developer could be how fast their systems are. To be successful, you must be quick, but when the system isn’t able to keep up with you, this could be an enormous loss even if you’re short.

Ghostery is an effective plugin that blocks ads from websites and stops trackers from being activated on the website, speeding up the performance. It allows you to browse faster and still keep your information private.

Download Ghostery Extension

21. CSSViewer

It is common to stumble across websites with CSS attributes you’d like to be aware of and apply to your advantage in your work. This plugin effectively makes it easier for web developers to be mindful of the basic CSS properties.

It is as easy as clicking on the toolbar CSSViewer icon and then hovering over the elements you want to look at on the current web page.

Download CSSViewer Extension

22. actiTIME

WhatFont is one of the helpful Chrome extensions for programmers who wish to detect fonts on websites. It’s quick, efficient, and can identify individual fonts on the page in a matter of minutes. It also recognizes the family size, weight, and color. It all happens within a tiny popup window that appears in the browser.

WhatFont is perfect for web designers who want to gather examples of excellent websites they could copy in the future. It’s tiny, doesn’t consume numerous resources, and is helpful. It’s not been updated for some time, but it still functions well.

23. Site Spider

If you are looking to identify broken links in your website and you want to limit the spidering of a particular directory, you will require Site Spider.

24. Clear Cache

This handy Chrome extension lets you delete any cache in the toolbar. It operates “behind-the-scenes,” meaning there are no confirmation or pop-up windows that could distract users. It is customizable as to how much data you’d like to delete, including download caches, app caches files, file systems, forms data and history local storage, passwords, and more.

So these were the Best Chrome Extensions for Programmers. I hope you have found this guide helpful. These chrome extensions for programmers, helps in different scenario.

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