Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity in 2022

Do you work on a Web browser all day on a PC or laptop? Then Chrome Extensions can improve your productivity and browsing experience. There are over 100,000 chrome extensions available. 

Google Chrome Extensions provide some extra functions in the chrome web browser.

This guide has created a list of Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity. Use these productivity chrome extensions to improve overall productivity.

best chrome extensions for productivity
best chrome extensions for productivity

Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

Here are 20+ Best Google Chrome Extensions for productivity:

1. Ghostery Privacy Ad Blocker

Take control of your ads and data by installing the Adblock Chrome extension. This Adblock will allow you to navigate faster since the trackers that appear in ads are removed.

Similar to Ublock Origin and Mercury reader, Ghostery reduces clutter such as pop-ups and malware while you browse to reduce your frustration.

It lets you choose whether or not you wish to stop trackers from advertisements on all websites and allow them. Then, it’s entirely your choice. Your internet browsing will be completely anonymous, which will help you with any privacy issues.


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2. Dashlane – Password Manager

One of the most helpful Google Chrome extensions for productivity, Dashlane, is an excellent tool when you visit every website but can’t remember your password.

The issue isn’t your memory but rather the reality of our world (or at least, I think that way). The world isn’t good, especially when the team of Dashlane will come to your aid to help you avoid password-related nightmares. Click the Dashlane button, which will give you the required password.


3. MightyText – SMS via PC & Text from Computer

This is intended for Android users, but this could be a game changer. With MightyText, you can receive text messages through your browser, meaning you don’t need to reach for your phone to hit the home button each time it rings.

This will save you much time. You can quickly develop an uneasy connection with this as some days you’d prefer not to get any notifications at all, particularly given that we live in a world that is awash with messages via Social media.

If you use the MightyText application, you can disable the feature. You’ll have to install the web application on your phone, too.


4. Grammarly for Chrome

You fix everything I’m doing wrong (and even some things that I don’t do). Grammarly makes spell checking go to a new level, as it’s capable of checking your spelling regardless of the software you’re using, such as Google Docs and WordPress, where Grammarly is most likely to reveal its errors to me.

Using Grammarly’s extension, Grammarly can correct any tweets, email messages, and other content in the Chrome browser. It also acts as an online spell checker for uploads, which keeps us in good spirits.

You also benefit from using a grammar and spell checker on Grammarly’s website. You can also have the files on your Google Drive uploads checked for every type of typo. It also comes in our list of the Best Chrome Extensions for Students


5. Hunter – Email Extension for Finder

If that’s you, that means you don’t want to look around on websites to find an email address of support or a particular department.

The Hunter application solves this issue by crawling the web for email addresses and returning the results within seconds. It will also provide the name, email address as well as department. After that, you can click the icon for the extension on your Chrome browser, and you’ll have everything you require.

And, best of all, they can do it for nothing and with the extension. Other companies charge hundreds of dollars to accomplish the same task via their website!


6. ClickUp Chrome Extension

ClickUp Chrome Extension ClickUp Chrome Extension is among the most popular Chrome extensions that add your most popular project management tools into your browser. Whether you’re working in or out of the ClickUp platform, You’ll be able to save time and improve your work.

With only one feature of this extension, called the ClickUp Google Chrome extension, you’re on the way to maximizing your productivity:

  • Take notes using powerful text editing in the Notepad within ClickUp
  • Save a page to your bookmarks and save it as a job
  • Screenshot your entire browser or select a particular part to be added to the task list or transfer onto your computer
  • Select the task you want to track in the extension and set it to begin tracking time.
  • Connect Gmail and Outlook messages to work jobs, and assign tasks based on emails


7. Timewarp

It’s one of those browser extensions that sound like an absurd joke until you realize that it’s the thing you’ve been looking for throughout your entire life.

Like StayFocusd, however, when you enter the URL of a time-wasting, non-productive website, the program redirects you to a more productive site, a motivational message or image, or even an alarm that tells the amount of time you’ve already spent on that website.

It’s time to complete your work, and TimeWarp will ensure you have plenty of time.


8. OneTab

In the case of tabs, OneTab can solve it. Instead of having all the tabs open, the Google Chrome extension puts them together on one page for each tab. This way, all the essential links you’d like to access can be accessed with a single click away.

You could reduce up to 95% browser’s memory since you won’t have too many open tabs.

You’re done; no more tabs. This will keep you productive and your computer’s desktop tidy.


9. Clean Master – Chrome Cache Cleaner

I’ve been known to tell IT users, the first lie whenever they ask, “did you clear your cache?” When I am (virtually) targeted to suffer the wrath of slow internet speeds, I’m furious I refuse to accept that it’s an easy task such as clearing the cache.

A cache is where your web browser saves downloaded content stored on the hard disk, which can slow down your experience when you visit websites.

It is a Chrome extension that clears the cache by removing the data, and when you return to the site, images and the formatting will be downloaded from the new.

A second lie I’ve made up is that IT is “I will be able to remember it for the next time!”


10. Loom for Chrome

With Loom, creating videos and sending them to the team is simple. Stop sending useless emails and present yourself more effectively and in-depth through a video. It’s the ideal web browser extension for quick-moving team members who must establish a personal connection.


11. Momentum

Start this background on every new tab you open in the Chrome browser. This website will offer you a time of tranquility with a sense of inspiration to be more productive. Be inspired by the daily images and quotes. Set a daily goal and keep track of your to-do lists.

Get rid of distractions and defeat procrastination by putting a reminder of your goals throughout the day on all of your websites.


12. Right Inbox

Make changes to how you utilize your Gmail account by using Right Inbox, the Gmail productivity extensions Right Inbox. Right Inbox allows users to spend less time checking their email and focusing more on things that matter.

With 11 features, it’s an essential feature for all email users.

The features are:

  • Recurring Emails: Stop making duplicate emails repeatedly time
  • Email Tracking: Know who opens your email and when.
  • Email Sequences Automated email following up process inside your Gmail
  • Mail Merge: Increase the size of your email marketing efforts by using the ability to send mass emails.


13. Email Tracker for Gmail – Mailtrack

Do you wonder if someone read your email or did not? With Mailtrack, you don’t need to.

This no-cost Chrome extension for Gmail will provide you with:

  • If your email has been received
  • If it was open
  • It was then opened
  • How many times was it opened

You can filter your emails by the number of times they are opened or not. This is a fantastic tool when you’re in charge of clients and need to determine if they’ve opened an email from you or not.


14. RescueTime for Chrome and Chrome OS

Sure, RescueTime can monitor the websites that you visit on the internet; however, using RescueTime, you can determine which websites are effective or not, with suggestions on what is a “productive” website (no cheating, please!).

After the conclusion of each week or even the day, it will provide you a score of productivity that lets entrepreneurs know how much time they’ve spent on productive websites versus non-productive ones. This tool is essential for any serious business owner!


15. Save to Pocket

I don’t know how I’d manage my daily life without Pocket. Do you need to share an idea or change? Save to Pocket. It’s been recognized as the most popular web clipper, beating Instapaper and other similar sites because of its recommendations engine, excellent interface, and community-based features.

I save everything I would like to revisit in the future by clicking the Pocket extension icon. Later, I share it with my social network friends out of my inbox.

While browsing the web and finding something I find interesting, I copy it into my inbox for web clippers by using this helpful Chrome extension. The hyperlink, text, or image will be displayed on my tablet or phone, which I can then select to view later.

It’s an excellent internet clipper inbox that you can use for information and gives you plenty of time to come back later to browse.


16. StayFocusd

StayFocusd is an excellent Chrome extension that measures the amount of time you’ve spent on certain websites and provides you with the option of blocking the most popular ones, such as Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media websites–to ensure you’re focused to the task at hand.

However, if you’d like to change your settings, you will need to answer questions and answer a question, which makes it harder to go back to the old way of life!


17. Completely take screenshots of Webpages – FireShot

Fireshot is another feature you must have in your arsenal of extensions. Everybody knows how beneficial the ability to take screenshots can be for mobile phones. Fireshot can bring that same functionality to your desktop. You can capture full-page screenshots or select a particular section to take a snapshot in minutes.

Have you seen a recipe you love on a website? Screenshot it. Do you want to take a photo of some information you’ve discovered on the internet? Screenshot it. Have you found a fantastic t-shirt that you’d like to purchase but want to get an opinion? On Screenshot it.

Fireshot lets you capture the screen, edit it, and save your screenshots as PDFs, JPEGs, GIFs, and PNGs. You can also directly upload them to OneNote or your clipboard. The files will be kept in a local location, and you can access them offline!


18. Marinara: Pomodoro(r) Assistant

This is the best Chrome extension from the Chrome web store to stay focused while still taking breaks.

The Pomodoro method is an effective method of time management that helps you focus your work at specific times and allows you to take time to rest.

A Pomodoro typically lasts 25 minutes, and you get a three to five-minute break. After several more Pomodoros, you will get longer break lengths of typically fifteen to thirty minutes.

With this Pomodoro browser extension, you can track your Pomodoros directly on your Chrome browser without needing an additional tool for time tracking.

Receive notifications on your browser or even on your desktop.


19. Clockify Time Tracker

Timing Tracking becomes more common as people experiment with freelance work instead of at a 9-5 work.

Businesses can utilize Clockify to create timesheets for no cost. Clockify also offers an app for mobile devices, and the best part is it integrates perfectly with ClickUp. So, entrepreneurs won’t have to suffer the frustration of trying to figure out the number of hours they need to be able to charge a client!


20. Noisli

Its Noisli plugin has gained popularity because of its promising idea to create background noise you would like to listen to (not chosen from the random coffee shops)! The plugin has a variety of sounds for writing, reading, or focusing.

Add a productivity timer, and you’ll have the perfect soundtrack to your work day.


21. Cite This for Me Web Citer

It’s 2005, and you’re one mistake away from putting the finishing touch on your report. Although you’re sure, you’ll never be able to complete the task without the necessary references. Just a couple of hours (and crying) after, you’ll have a complete reference list made! You wrote the document in APA Style, not the most popular MLA Style.

Then, fast forward to today, and you’ll be able to generate citations in just a few minutes! Hit the CiteThiss For Me button to paste your desired style into your material or save it to your online bibliography for future reference.


22. Scribe Knowledge Management

Are you making a lot of documents for teammates, employees, or customers? Do you find creating videos or taking part in a quick conference call to demonstrate the process taking up most of your precious time?

Scribe provides these guides for you to use. It records your keystrokes and mouse clicks when you work and transforms them into a step-by-step guide, including steps and screenshots.

The guides are instantly created and ready for sharing and can be modified to remove or add steps, include additional notes, remove important information, and so on.

The application is available as a Chrome extension for browsers and Orana as a desktop application.


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