Best Browser Games to Play Between Work and Study

Games are a great way to relax or have fun. But you don’t always need to reach for your console to get some steam going. Our list of 35 top browser games in different categories is a great way to have a casual gaming experience between work and school. So here we have created a list of Best Browser Games.

best browser games
Best Browser Games

25+ Best Browser Games

Here we have created a list of 25+ Top browsers games:

1. Wordle

Supported Browsers: Edge, Safari, Firefox, and Firefox

Wordle, a browser-based word guessing tool that has been very popular this year, is called Wordle. It’s easy to play, and the idea behind it is simple. The fact that you get only one puzzle daily (and the same puzzle for everyone else around the globe) makes it even more enjoyable and raises the stakes. Wordle is excellent if you enjoy word games and are proud of your ability to guess words in a limited amount of attempts correctly.

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2. City Guesser

The supported browsers are Edge, Safari, Firefox, and Firefox.

Do you want to be a citizen of all countries? City Guesser will be a fun game. You will see first-person footage of a random place in the world. Based on environmental clues, you must guess the city and country. Once confident in your guesses, you can place a marker onto the world map. The game will show you how accurate you were.

The game can be played on a country level if you want a more specific challenge. This allows you to see only cities in the United States and Canada.

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3. War Brokers

The supported browsers are edge, Safari, and Chrome.

This is one of my favorite browser games. War Brokers is a great FPS game that you can play on your browser in your spare time without downloading anything. War Brokers offers many game modes, including battle royale and classic 8v8.

4. Abobo’s Big Adventure

Supported Browsers: Chrome

Abobo’s Adventure is for those who want the classic Nintendo NES experience. This action RPG lets you play as Abobo, a character from Super Dragon. You will be fighting villains such as Donkey Kong and henchmen with different abilities.

The linear navigation format makes it easy to control the game. Punches and kicks cannot be performed without the ‘A and ‘S keys. Many additional levels feature characters from old Nintendo franchises and the main quest.


Compatible Platform: Firefox, Chrome, a game that combines Tron’s bike fights with the classic Snake, is for you. It would help to collect power-ups to increase your neon snake’s length. You can do this by using the arrow keys.

However, remember that your snake will be killed if it touches another snake’s head or its glowing body. You’ll also receive a speed boost if your slip close to another neon snake. Although the basic idea is straightforward, avoiding the traps set by the other players can be difficult. It’s one of my favorite browser games.

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6. Street skater

Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox

Street Skater, a retro-style skateboarding game, lets you control a skating border to do smooth ollies and kickflips. It would be helpful if you could collect as many coins as possible without dying in order to win. When I say “death,” I mean a horrible death in which your head is sent flying, and your body is broken to pieces as if you have hit an obstacle like an iron bar or levitating boulder. To jump or perform aerial tricks, tap the spacebar. The shift key will slow you down.


Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox is one of the most visually stunning browser games. It puts you in a fight between two factions. You can select from various war machines, including a spider tank, bomber, and Warhawks. Using the mouse and WASD keys to control the game is easy. You can also destroy tanks and fighter planes. Personal note: has been one of my favorite browser games.

8. Linerider

Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox

Linerider is a simulation game that uses physics to test your skills and knowledge. You are asked to create a track that a boy riding on a sled will be able to ride. You can make paths that are straight or go for more dangerous routes for stunts and high-flying maneuvers. However, won’t allow you to draw any unrealistic paths. To test your luck, hit the play button after you’re done drawing.

9. Skribbl

Supported Browsers Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Chrome are all supported browsers

Skribbl was a popular game during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s a simple multiplayer drawing game that you can play with your friends, family, or strangers online. One player will draw objects that represent the words. You must correctly guess the word before anyone else. To get a better idea of how many letters are needed to guess the word, you can use the hints at top of this page.

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10. Nightpoint

Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox

Nightpoint is a multiplayer action RPG game that will appeal to fans of the zombie genre. You battle hordes and compete against other players on a leaderboard. There is a distinction. You don’t just have to blast off the walking dead. You also need to protect yourself from bullets fired by your rivals. Use a mouse to change direction and shoot quickly, as the trackpad can be very inefficient when zombies or shotgun-toting enemies surround you.

11. Threes

You will love Threes if you like 2048. The game’s goal is to combine as many tiles as possible before the board fills. After that, you cannot move any more tiles. There’s a catch. Only tiles numbered 1 and 2 can be combined. Any tile with the number 3 above will not connect with another tile. The hardest part about this board is that only one arrow keypress can move it. Therefore, planning mergers ahead of time are highly recommended.

Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox

12. is a great way for you to have fun shooting down jets and engaging in dogfights. To play, you will need a mouse. Move the mouse to alter the course of your fighter plane and press the left button to fire lasers, bullets and drop bombs at your enemies. To continue your rampage to the top of the charts, don’t forget about collecting items such as health and weapon upgrades. This browser game is one of my favorites.

Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox

13. Sunset Bike Racer

This game is for you if you love bike racing and stunts. Sunset Bike Racer lets you play as a biker that zooms across uneven terrain on a dirtbike and does daredevil stunts. You can also control the biker with simple controls: press space to accelerate, Shift and Shift to boost speed, shift to brake, and press the left/right arrow key to spin up in the air.

While the first few levels can be mastered, the game gets more difficult as you progress. A slight delay in applying brakes or performing a wrong stunt will result in the game being terminated. This is a great browser game if you like stunts and racing.

Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox

14. Copter

Copter, a Flash classic you might have played if is old enough. Flash has been discontinued and should be removed from your computer immediately. However, the Internet Archive teamed up with the Ruffle emulator to host some of the most iconic Flash games. Copter is the Flappy Bird of the past generation if you’ve never heard it. Holding down the left mouse button while pressing and holding it will ensure that the helicopter doesn’t hit any obstacles. Although it may seem simple, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Compatible Browsers: Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Chrome.

15. Quick, Draw!

Quick, Draw! is a browser game that tests your drawing skills. The object you are asked to draw is the name. It would help if you drew it during the countdown timer. The website will help you draw your masterpiece while you are out creating it. The goal is to get the website to guess the object before the timer runs correctly.

Supported Browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari

16. is a basic but thrilling game where you are the commander of a tank designed as a pen drive. The game is played on graph paper, where you aim your gun at floating geometrical objects to earn points. However, you should avoid coming into contact with them as you’ll be unable to recover. As you navigate around, look out for enemies in red and then shoot them using your left-click and avoid their attack with your WASD keys. There are eight game modes: survival 2, 2/4 team domination, tag, and 2/4 team.

Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox

17. Tetris

Certain games never get out of fashion, and Tetris is prime evidence of this. The block-arranging game that is so popular has progressed from being a staple of consoles sporting an all-black and white screen to the more vibrant variation we’re suggesting. The aim is still the same – gain points by eliminating horizontal lines, but the brightly colored blocks give a fresh look to the game and allow you to kill time in breaks.

Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox

18. Snail Bob

Snail Bob is a game based on a strategy that requires precise timing and physical skills to save the snail from various situations. There is no need for button-mashing in this game. All you require is an intelligent mind and swift fingers to guide the snail towards the exit. The basic idea is easy, but there are many aspects to consider. Mechanical traps and coordination of individual components create a more complicated way to aid the snail move throughout the different levels.

Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox

19. Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers is an entirely different type of shooting game. Instead of blasting heads or machines, you’re required to shoot eggs and then gain energy from eggs. It is also possible to can also play as an egg. There are four types of players to pick from: scramblers and egg lovers. Each player has an arsenal of weapons suited to close-quarter gunfights and long-range. Prepare your computer mouse and practice your hands on the WASD keys, as shell shockers are sure to keep you entertained for a long time.

Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox

20. Winter Rush

For those who enjoy snow sports Winter Rush is a fun game that lets you show off your skiing abilities. The game is easy to play and learn, and the background score is correct to allow you to master some crazy moves on the slopes. Use Shift to accelerate and brake, Control, and A/D keys to regulate the speed of your aerial activities. Don’t be fooled when I say it’s satisfying to perform the flawless double-backflip.

Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox

21. Chrome Dino

Chrome’s Dino Game is a game you’ve played offline. Chrome Dino Game brings the game online, so you don’t have to disconnect your Wi-Fi from your mobile or PC. The gameplay is very similar to the original Dino game. You also have night and color game modes. You can also choose to play as Batman, Mario, or Joker.

Compatible Browsers: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge,.

22. Prince of Persia

Ubisoft developed Prince of Persia’s Flash Game to promote the original Prince of Persia. You can use the arrow keys to move your character, and the up key for jumping.

Compatible Browsers: Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

23. Pokemon Showdown

If you’re anything like me, you probably miss old Pokemon games, and fighting other trainers with your Pokemon. Pokemon Showdown allows you to do exactly that. You can jump into a Pokemon battle, and your Pokemon will join you. Even if you lose, the game allows you to jump into another battle so you can keep playing. You don’t have to rest or heal your Pokemon. It’s a great way to have fun and pass the time.

Supported Browsers: Edge, Safari

24. Mole

Mole is a browser game that anyone looking for a game with one key will love. You read that correctly. The Space key is used to move the player in this pixel art game. You must jump between walls to safely land. The game’s premise is straightforward, but it’s addictive. You should make sure that you have enough time to play the game.

Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari

25., is next browser game that you can play to enjoy your free time. you have to develop automated factories to make, assemble, and color shapes. To attach an extractor to a circle, you will need to connect it with a conveyor. Steam offers the full version with more levels, buildings, and other features.

Supported Browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari

26. Flip O

Are you a fan of pinball and brick breaker games like the classic Pinball? Flip O is a mix of both. The Pinball’s mechanics are explained, and the ball rises to break the bricks. It is pretty simple to understand the basic concept of the game. You must break down all bricks in your path and live as long as possible. Check out the game below if this sounds interesting!

Supported Browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari

27. Thunder

Thunder is one of those games that seems easy but ends up more complicated than you thought. Thunder strikes the floor from the top, and you must tactically avoid the incoming bolt. The point system is tied to rumble. The score is calculated when the thunder strikes the ground. Gold particles are created as soon as they hit the ground. The gold particles will disappear if you are too close to the thunder. You’ll need to balance collecting points and escaping rumble to enjoy the game.

Supported Browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari

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