20 Best Ad Blocker Chrome Extensions Free to block Advertisements

This guide will give you the Best Ad Blocker Chrome Extensions list., which you can use to block ads on the chrome browser.

Do you run an internet browser to search queries, watch movies, do online work, youtube, and other streaming services? Then you must see annoying ads. Advertisements not only interfere with your experience when using an online service or product but also harm your security online. Downloading spyware observed in the system. It alters the security of our system, making the entire computer susceptible to unauthorized access by cybercriminals and hackers.

Like all roadblocks, as an alternative, ads are also blocked by ads blockers for the most popular browsers, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Before we get into the best ad blockers compatible with Google Chrome and Firefox, let’s first consider the reason behind the ad blockers and why we should appreciate these applications.

best ad blocker chrome extensions
best ad blocker chrome extensions

What are Ad Blockers?

Blockers for ads, named after the name suggests, are designed to prevent ads from showing up on our screens. They can improve your online experience and also protect your system from becoming the victim of cyber criminals and hackers. They can help protect your online privacy, cut down on website clutter, and help you avoid spyware-infected advertisements.

What is the process by which Ad Blockers perform?

In technical terms, ad blockers will not block advertisements. They stop requests for downloading content to the browser. In simple terms, Ad blockers prevent third-party companies from displaying ads in your web browser, which allows websites to load faster, which means you will have a more enjoyable experience. Ad blockers operate using the principle of filter lists. The filtering lists decide what content to block and what is allowed to appear on your browser. 

The lists consist of URLs that are divided into two categories: blocklist as well as allowlist. As simple as their name, allowlist has URLs that have to be permitted to appear on your browser. On the other hand, the blocklist lists URLs that must be blocked from downloading content to the device. When you go to a website that is on the blocklist, it is determined by ad blockers to see if the URL is listed on the list of blocked sites or the allowlist, and they then work according to the allowlist or blocklist. 

If the website is blocked, the ad blockers prevent the website from slowing a load of external content by the user to their browser.

Benefits of using an Adblocker

  • Eliminate unwanted advertisements to provide a seamless user experience
  • Improves loading time of pages
  • They limit advertisers’ ability to track you across different online platforms.
  • Reduces the bandwidth used and battery consumption of devices.
  • Blocks fake ads that can be harmful and deceiving.
  • Guard yourself against spam and malware

Pros and cons of using an Adblocker

  • Certain adblockers can compromise your privacy online as they can track your online activity.
  • Ad Blockers typically stop scripts from running while the website is loaded. This could prevent your website from loading properly or displaying incorrect data in your report on web analytics.
  • It could prevent you from accessing videos that don’t work with Adblockers.

There are many ad blockers in a variety of formats on the internet. But we will review the top of the best. We’ll discuss the most effective ad blockers that work with Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Let’s begin.

Best Ad Blocker Chrome EXtensions

Here are adblock chrome extension free:

1. AdBlock Plus Chrome Extension for Free

AdBlock Plus Chrome Extension for Free

AdBlock Plus is one of the most well-known ad blocker chrome extensions and is free for Chrome. Blocks banners, video ads, as well as pop-ups. It’s a free pop-up blocker Chrome extension that blocks trackers for websites and malicious downloads associated with them. It is among the top pop-up blockers that utilize open-source code that can be modified depending on your preferences for additional functionality. It is one of the best chrome extensions for ad blocking.

Free at Chrome Store

2. Ghostery ( Popular Ad Blocker Chrome Extension)

Ghostery Popular Ad Blocker Chrome Extension

Ghostery is an add-on to protect security that blocks annoying ads and trackers, shuts them down, prevents their use, and improves the speed of websites. It is the most effective Chrome extension pop-up blocker that lets users see the trackers on websites to decide who is collecting their personal information. It’s one of the top adblocker options for chrome extensions that can improve the speed of websites. The most effective pop-up blockers come with a dashboard, which lets you see only the most relevant information without difficulty. It also comes in our list of best chrome extensions for productivity.

Free at Chrome Store

3. AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate adds an extension for Google Chrome that blocks ads or trackers, malware, and malware within your browser. It assists you in staying away from all fraudulent websites and domains. It also lets you create an allowlist of reliable websites. It enables you to stop trackers, ads as well as activity analyzers. In addition, it’s a single purchase, so you won’t be required to purchase it again.

Free at Chrome Store

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4. AdGuard


AdGuard is an extension especially designed for the Chrome browser that helps you safeguard your personal information from online scams and tracking websites. AdGaurd is among the top ad blockers for Chrome that will combat annoying pop-ups, banners, and even videos. It is among Google’s most popular pop-up blockers and could be utilized to prevent advertising to Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS operating systems.

Free at Chrome Store

5. Stopza Adblocker

Stopza Adblocker can be described as an advertisement blocker Chrome extension that allows users block annoying ads and malware, trackers, and pop-ups. You can use it to block ads in sidebars as well as news feeds, YouTube, Facebook, and other sites. It’s among the top adblockers for google chrome, allowing users to switch quickly on and off this extension using the menu.

Free at Chrome Store

6. Fair AdBlocker

Fair AdBlocker plugin is the best ad blocker available for Chrome that blocks advertising (Facebook ads, Webmail advertisements, Search ads) and pop-ups. The free Adblocker plugin provides the most efficient adblocker on Chrome. It will help you safeguard yourself from dangers to security and malware and also the monitoring of your online activities. It is possible to utilize this extension for faster, more secure, and safe browsing. It is also possible to make allowlists (allow) websites or enable certain kinds of ads that you like.

Free at Chrome Store

7. TotalAdblock

Total Adblock is an extension to Chrome that allows you to block annoying pop-ups and pop-ups. It enables you to navigate the web faster. This extension blocks the third-party tracker from monitoring your activity. It’s one of Chrome’s most effective ad blockers that disables cookies.


  • It allows you to stream videos without having to block auto-play ads rapidly.
  • You can instantly take charge of your browsing experience online.
  • Total Adblock removes all trackers and ads across the web.
  • Take Back Control & Start Blocking Ads Today
  • Get rid of trackers and ads from YouTube, Facebook, ESPN, and CNN.
  • Block ads wherever you go using this app. Total Adblock app.
  • Compatible browsers include Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox.

8. AdLock

AdLock is a Chrome extension that lets users disable annoying pop-ups and video advertisements. This extension can scan the links on websites that may be harmful and protect you from threats. It hides the private data you’ve entered on any site. AdLock protects against harmful spyware and bugs.

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9. Comodo AdBlocker

Comodo AdBlocker is one of the most efficient ad blocker chrome extensions. That is an open-source advertising blocker used to prevent advertisements on display. This Chrome app is the most efficient Chrome extension for adblock, allowing users to block malicious malware and trackers. It can help you increase your browser’s speed by freeing up the CPU power utilized by ads and cookies.

Free at Chrome Store

10. AdBlock

AdBlock is among the most efficient and effective chrome extensions to block ads that block pop-ups and advertisements from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and many more. You can choose to see ads, block any websites or block all ads by default. The tool is accessible for iPhones through getadblock.com.

Free at Chrome Store

11. Hola ad remover

Hola Ad Remover is among the top extensions for Chrome that eliminates all banners and video advertisements. It is the most effective adblockers, which blocks anonymous malware and trackers.

Free at Chrome Store

12. AdBlocker Ultimate (Top Ad Blocker Chrome Extension)

AdBlocker Ultimate is the top ad blocker for Chrome that blocks all ads. When you install it on Chrome, it can aid in blocking malware and tracking. You can use this advertising blocker Chrome free extension to boost the efficiency of the browser. It’s among the top pop-up blockers for Chrome which allows users to upgrade the performance of their web browser.

Free at Chrome Store

13. Easy Ad Blocker

The Easy Ad Blocker extension is the most effective Chrome extension that automatically blocks various types of advertisements. It acts as an ads blocker extension for Chrome and can remain in the background while you browse the web. This extension allows users to block videos, annoying banners, pop-ups, and other irritating ads. Ad Blocker can speed up your browsing experience, which means you’ll be able to reduce your bandwidth usage.

Free at Chrome Store

14.  UBlock Origin (Best Ad Blocker Chrome Extension)

UBlock Origin is an open source platform, multi-platform Chrome browser application designed to provide live ad blocking and filtering of content. It offers the most effective ad blocking for Chrome by permitting users to disable or remove advertisements from the website they are currently on. It is among the most effective free adblocks for chrome plugins with a range of filters, such as privacy domains that are malware-related and private. It is one of the best chrome extensions for adblocking.

Free at Chrome Store

15. uBlock (Best AdBlockers Chrome Extension)

uBlock is among Chrome’s most effective AdBlock extensions to block irritating advertisements. It’s one of the most effective ad blockers that evaluate the content on the site and block ads. This extension for Chrome adblocker lets you quickly and effortlessly block ads you do not wish to see.

Free at Chrome Store

16. Hulu Ad Skipper

Hulu Ad Blocker is one the most popular AdBlock extensions for chrome that blocks websites’ access while in use. It is among the most effective adblockers for Chrome browser extensions that insert code into the video player to block ads without detection.

Free at Chrome Store

17. Windscribe

Windscribe comes with a full extension for blocking ads that is very careful to make your browsing smooth and uninterrupted.

It is fully equipped with these important features, it is without doubt one of the most practical extensions for blocking ads on Chrome.

  • It is equipped with built-in VPN features that enhance the browsing experience. This allows you to access content accessible in a few countries.
  • It safeguards users’ browsing information to ensure no disclosure of personal data.
  • It’s accessible as a stand-alone application that can be used to provide an all-encompassing ad-free experience.
  • Windscribe is compatible with many different platforms and devices to offer coverage for a variety of platforms and devices.
  • Additionally, it also offers plans for business and commercial situations.

18. Poper Blocker: Pop Up blocker for Chrome

Poper Blocker (also known as the Pop Up Blocker for Chrome, is regarded as a major name on the list of top ads blocking extensions for Chrome as of:

  • It can be used in conjunction with other adsblockers but is not an all-in-one solution for blocking
  • It concentrates on blocking pop-ups with timed overlays, scrolling pop-ups, and other types that could get past other ad-blocking extensions.
  • It informs you if it blocks pop-ups, advertisements, or other malware forms.
  • It also allows you to check what is blocking your state.
  • Its distinctive feature lies in its ability to run alongside other adblocker extensions with little impact on the system.

Poper Blocker is now available for download on the Chrome website store and is among the highest-rated ad-blocking plug-ins in the world by its users.

19. Trustnav

A reputable AdBlock extension that is reliable, Trustnav will block any annoying ads to give you an improved browsing experience. It blocks all types of ads and pop-ups, banners, and videos. Trustnav stops tracking movements which improve security and privacy.


  • It loads pages quickly and helps save bandwidth
  • Guards against phishing attacks and malware
  • An option to promote your business
  • A platform that is user-friendly


  • It is essentially a browser add-on
  • Specific hidden options aren’t readily available

Devices Supported

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, internet explorer

20. Stopza Adblocker

Stopza Adblocker is relatively recent than the other programs listed here, however it gets the job accomplished. Its outstanding characteristics make it worthy of review:

  • It filters all content online for advertising and trackers while browsing.
  • It blocks all kinds of advertisements, whether advertisements, banners, video ads, or other types of ads. And trackers searching for the personal information of users.
  • This extension for free allows adblocking on certain websites as well as the all browsing.
  • It can be disabled for a short time and then turned on to enable it again quickly.
  • It also it updates itself to keep track of the latest tracker and ad-related behaviors to block them more effectively.

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