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Top Android App Development Tips for Developers in 2022

Top Android App Development Tips for Developers: In Mobile phones have almost become a basic necessity these days. People use it for all sorts of purposes- buying groceries, arranging commutation, meals, playing games, watching movies, and obviously for conversation. For these reasons, it is unavoidable that one becomes familiar with the popular features of smartphones trending in the market.

Two operating systems are prominent today – Android and Apple’s iOS. Android, owing to its being open source and with a plethora of applications in the market, has emerged to be the most commonly used operating system with Smartphones. The increasing popularity has led to the growth of aspiring developers willing to contribute to the development of the operating system.

Top Android App Development Tips for Developers i

There are innumerable courses that would be able to teach you how to develop a proper working android application and such courses add to the number of android developers frequently. However, it takes more than that to climb up the ladder and reach a good position.

Although help is available in abundance to those who seek it, there are certain things that newcomers and even experts often tend to oversee. The repercussions might not be as bad, but still keeping in mind certain things and considering certain tips could save a lot of time and effort, and pace up the intellectual development process.

App Development Tips for Developers

Here are some tips for an Android App developer-

1. Master the Frameworks –

App development has become very easy with the availability of frameworks and libraries. Ready-to-use codes and a bunch of other assistive features have made the process less time-consuming and more productive. Deriving the full potential of a framework, however, is a different story.

People, in general, tend to avoid things that they cannot comprehend, and similar is the case with frameworks. In such cases, a lot of usable stuff remains out of the developer’s knowledge and unfortunately unused. It is important, therefore, to nurture the curious mind and explore the intricacies of a framework. The search could be worthwhile, even if you’ve been using it for a long time.

2. Make use of the IDE –

If you are already developing applications for your project, you are probably using one of these- Android Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio, or maybe NetBeans. Every IDE has the basic features that we need to write our programs and they all have something distinct in terms of their interfaces that make them fascinating to use.

However, apart from just fancy colors and some auto-complete features, these IDEs can provide you with much more. Android Studio, for example, provides features like APK analyzers and Visual Layout Editor, Microsoft Visual Studio provides elaborate testing and team integration features. Developers must spend some time browsing through the IDE and try to make use of the available features. Due to quality IDE’s of React native, App Development With React Native is in huge demand. Nowadays many IT companies are available in the market where you can Hire Dedicated React Native Developers as per your requirements.

3. Work on UI/UX –

A developer generally takes the responsibility of developing an application that has already been designed by a design team. However, having expertise in designing UI/UX along with the capability of developing the application will open gates to tremendous opportunities and possibilities, be it developing your entrepreneurial app, or a wish to work at a reputed firm.

4. Projects –

Take projects and work on them. Projects are important to take in hands-on experience in the field. Find a mentor who will guide you and remind you of your short-comings. Make your own goals about building a certain application or working on some application development projects in collaboration with other developers. Mention the projects in your portfolio that will help you in your future collaborations, and job searches accordingly as the requirements are.

5. Networking –

Such projects and internships prove to be quite useful, not only in building up a sound portfolio but also in building professional networks with people who will assist you in gaining further exposure to the market. Building a sound network plays a very essential part in one’s professional life, networking helps in meeting prospective clients, suitable mentors, helpful colleagues, and garnering the necessary attention from important people and companies who you will benefit from.

6. Engage with the Users –

The best way to gather information regarding user opinion and trends is by interacting with the users themselves. When you are developing an application, you are essentially serving the public, and developing such a mindset will allow you to think more creatively in terms of serving the public effectively. Make user groups and interact with the customers and other people on Social media, ask them for their reviews and improve constantly.

7. Consistency –

What determines your value in the market is your work. While some failures are inevitable in the journey towards success, it’s important to stay motivated, and dedicated enough to maintain consistency. Consistently fine results are always preferred over some unexpected success overshoot and then a miserable downfall. Try to be consistent with the quality of the work you do and over time, improve the results gradually.


App development, although a technical field at times, requires creative skills. As we live in a world where technology becomes outdated as soon as we adapt to it, the process of learning new skills and techniques never ends. The coding world is backed up by innumerable communities and developers and they are the best means to stay up to date. Reaching the top doesn’t happen overnight, practice and perseverance are the keys. The opportunity is huge, make it worthwhile!

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