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Android Go Features : All You Need to Know

At Google I/O today Google announced Android Go. It’s Google effort to bring the latest and greatest version of Android to low end devices. Let’s jump into Android Go features and take a look at what Google has in store for us.

Android Go


What is Android Go

Android Go will be a stripped down version of every Android version starting with Android O. Android Go is designed to run on as little as 512MB of RAM. Going forward all devices with 1GB or less of RAM will be running Android Go.

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Android Go Features

Play Store

Android Go will have a Play Store version which will highlight apps which are optimized for Android Go devices, most of these apps will have apk sizes of less than 10MB. Some of the apps include Facebook Lite, Skype Lite etc, with more to come pretty soon.

Android Go apk

Android Go - Play Store

Optimized Google Apps

Alongside light weight apps for Android Go, Google will also be optimizing Google apps like Gmail, Youtube, Chrome etc to use less memory, storage space, and mobile data. One example of this is Youtube Go.

Data Saving Features

Chrome Data Saver feature will be turned on by default. You will be able to see the amount of data you saved just by the click of a button.

Chrome Data Saver - Android Go

YouTube Go will let you move through select frames to take a sneak peek at the video. Once you are sure that it’s the video you want to watch, you can then decide the streaming quality of the video, with amount of mobile data being used displayed right beside the quality.

Android Go - Youtube Go

To watch videos later, you can also download videos while connected to Wi-fi. You can also share these downloaded videos with your friends who have Youtube Go to save their data.

Android Go - Youtube Go share

Built In Data Management and Control

Quick settings on Android Go devices will have a shortcut to check how much data you have used. Google will also provide carriers with an API which will let you Top Up right from that screen.

Multilingual Functionality

Google’s keyboard app Gboard supports over 191 languages which include 22 Indian languages. You can now type in English and it will automatically get translated into Hindi. This is achieved by using Gboard and Google Translate in tandem.

Android Go - India

gboard-Android Go

When Will Android Go Be Available

Android Go will begin shipping in 2018.