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What is Amazon lotis.io?

Amazon is in the news today morning for buying Wholefoods for a whooping 13.7 billion USD. But, Amazon has also been in the news for secret project called lotis.io. News about Amazon lotis.io was on the front page of the internet (aka reddit) a few days back but has since been deleted.

Amazon Lotis


We have purposely removed reddit userid’s from the pictures keeping in mind user privacy. If any of the redditors want us to unmask their user id feel free to email us via the Contact Us link.

As per users of the Dark Web, Amazon could be working on it’s own cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Some Dark Web users who have seen images of the device saw lotis.io engraved on it. Reddit users have also reported seeing news about lotis.io on reddit frontpage, which have since been deleted.

Lotis.io reddit

An interesting thing thing to note here is, lotis.io domain has been purchased by someone and is up for sale on flippa for a staring offer of $1000 USD.

Lotis.io Sale


Some reddit users have also said that the Dark Web is full of news about Amazon Lotis, but the main stream media is either not reporting it, or being asked not to report.

Lotis Deleted

Techcrunch wrote an article about Amazon Lotis.io project leaked but was taken down, and even Wayback Machine does not have a cached version of the page. However, as is the case with anything on the internet there is a screenshot of the article written by Techcruch.

Amazon Lotisio

Considering the fact that Amazon Lotis is a device, it could very well be a virtual currency miner, or a virtual currency wallet, or it could be just nothing. Again, all of this is just speculation at this time, but this could also be something big which Amazon doesn’t want the world to know about.

Is Amazon onto something big it’s lotis.io project or is it just some fake news? We don’t know yet but we will keep you posted.

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