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Adylkuzz Malware Affecting Thousands, Bigger Than WannaCry

The world is yet to recover for WannaCry ransomware attack last week, but that might not be all. Adylkuzz malware has already affected thousands of computers and it could be way bigger than WannaCry ransomware.

Adylkuzz Cyber Attack

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What is Adylkuzz Malware

Adylkuzz malware use the same vulnerabilities which were exploited by WannaCry Ransomware. Those vulnerabilities have been patched by Microsoft but we still have computer out there which are not patched. In fact if reports are to be believed Adylkuzz has been at work even before WannaCry. This malware turns your computer into a money (virtual currency) mining machine. It mines a virtual currency called Monero and sends it to the creators of the malware.

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How did Adylkuzz Malware Go Un-detected for So long?

Well it’s really simple, instead of holding you computer hostage and not letting you do any work, Adylkuzz malware prefers to do it’s mining in parallel to your day to day work. It does not ask for any ransom, or prevents your computer from functioning.

In fact, researchers claim that the malware has been in action since at least May 2 2017, or even before (since April 24 2017). Adylkuzz malware has already transfered thousands of dollars worth of Monero to it’s creators.

Symantec has a page up for the malware, but as of writing this article they are clueless about it and researching it.

How to Avoid Adylkuzz Malware

For now we would suggest to follow the same instructions as WannaCry which can be found here. We will update the post once we have more details.



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