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Best ADB Fastboot Commands List: You Should Know in 2022

Best ADB Fastboot Commands List: Fastboot is a smartphone command line code. It’s like a diagnostic tool for android devices. Fastboot commands are really handy and easy to use. But sometimes people get scared when they saw codes. It’s because they thought codes are only for developers but not for normal users. They are right. You should never use any codes without having proper knowledge of what do they do, I mean it could be really dangerous for you and your device. So for that, I am going to discuss the fastboot format commands and try to explain them all which I am going to list here.

fastboot commands

What is Fastboot?

Fastboot is a command-line tool as well as a protocol on Android devices. It is a tool that can modify your android device via pc when your device is in fastboot mode aka bootloader mode. This mode is a part of HBOOT. It is the first thing to run when your android device starts. It’s a program that loads your operating system when your device turns on. You can relate it with computer BIOS. But before starting the ADB commands list you should read its requisite to use those fastboot commands.


  • The latest version of ADB & Fastboot should be installed to use all the fastboot commands.
  • Make sure USB Debugging mode is enabled on your android device.
  • Correct USB driver needed to detect your device in fastboot mode.
  • A working USB cable. (Use an original cable that comes with your smartphone charger)

Download the latest version from here. How To Set-up ADB & Fastboot. Then you will be able to use all the updated fastboot command listed below.

How To Enter In Fastboot Mode?

To enter in fastboot mode turn off your android or tablet device and press “Volume Down + Power Button” together for a minimum of 3 to 5 seconds. Maybe your device successfully enters into fastboot mode by pressing those button combo or maybe not. It’s because that button combo, is not the same on all devices to enter into fastboot modes, like on some devices “Volume Up + Power Button” is used to enter fastboot mode. Also with the help of ADB commands you can still enter into the fast boot mode even while your device is not switched off and connected to your pc. Just make secure your phone’s screen is not locked. Now you are ready to use fastboot commands.

ADB Commands To Enter In Fastboot Mode.

adb devices

This command is used to check whether your device is connected and detected by ADB. When you hit enter after typing “ADB devices” it should look like this.

adb devices

Now you can proceed to the next step after this.

adb reboot bootloader

This command will reboot your device into fastboot mode. Now you are ready for fastboot commands list.

fastboot devices

This command does the same work that “ADB devices” do. Yeah, you are right this command is used to check the connected device in fastboot mode.

fastboot devices

ADB Fastboot Commands List

Before I start listing commands, please note that one thing. You have to use these commands very carefully if you are a newbie or doing it the first time otherwise you may end up with a soft brick. Also, fastboot commands are not meant to work on all android devices. Their compatibility differs from OEM to OEM.

1. fastboot update

This command is used for flashing zip files. For example stock rom aka fastboot rom. To use this command type “fastboot update“. Replace “Xyz” with your rom name.

2. fatsboot flashall

This one is used for flashing all partitions which are currently available in the zip files. (system+vendor+boot+recovery+logo+…! etc) To use this command type “fastboot flashall

3. fastboot flash

This is one of the most common commands of the fastboot. It is used to flash a single partition in your android device like boot/recovery/system/userdata, etc. Just type “fastboot flash <partition name> <your filename>” to flash your file. Let me make it easier for you. For example, you are going to flash custom recovery via fastboot mode, then it should look like this “fastboot flash recovery TWRP.img

4. fastboot oem

There are soo many variations of this “fastboot oem” command that works with different types of parameters. Some of them I am going to describe below.

5. fastboot oem device-info

With the help of this command, you will get a detailed list of information about your Android device.

6. fastboot oem unlock

This command helps to Unlock the Bootloader of Android devices. But this one command can’t unlock bootloaders of all the android devices available. It can unlock for some OEMs like Google (Nexus/Pixel), Huawei, OnePlus, Motorola, etc. You may also need an unlock key from your device manufacturer to unlock the bootloader.

7. fastboot oem lock

This command does the just opposite work of pervious command which I mentioned above. It will lock your device bootloader.

8. fastboot reboot

This will reboot your device to the system from fastboot mode or bootloader mode.

9. fastboot reboot recovery

Use this command to reboot your device into recovery mode.

10. fastboot reboot bootloader

This command will reboot your device in bootloader mode. Sometimes it needed to reboot into bootloader while you flashing something or facing any error. It will reboot your device to the bootloader mode for you.

11. fastboot format

Use this command for formatting partitions like userdata or system, vendor, cache, etc. Just enter your format type and partition name to perform the operation. Here’s a quick example of that command for formatting data partition in EXT4 file system. “fastboot format:ext4 userdata” or use this if you want to format it in F2FS file system type, “fastboot format:f2fs userdata“.

12. fastboot erase

This command is used for erasing all files in a particular partition, quite similar to the wipe option in the recovery mode. To use this command type, “fastboot erase userdata“.

13. fastboot boot

If you want to boot an “.IMG” file without flashing to the partition then you can use this command. It will allow you to boot it without actually flashing that files. Most of the time developers use this command to test their kernel or custom recoveries’. To use this command type. “fastboot boot your_filename.IMG“.

If you have any doubts or questions to ask about fastboot commands then feel free to drop us a comment below. We are ready to reply to all your questions.

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