5 Best Adsense Plugins For WordPress 2022

Best Plugins for Wordpress

5 Best Adsense Plugins For WordPress: There are many ways to generate money from your website but the best way of earning is Google Adsense. But putting ads on your WordPress website is not a simple task.

By default, you can only put your ad in the sidebar and header but what about the middle in the post or above in the post and below in the post. So, If you want to insert your ad code anywhere in your post then you should use Best Adsense Plugins for WordPress.  

Best Adsense Plugins For WordPress

Here is the list-

5 Best Adsense Plugins For WordPress

1.Ad Inserter:

Ad Inserter may be a simple advertisement plugin for WordPress. I have given the first place in 5 Best google Adsense Plugin For WordPress because the Ad Inserter sidebar comes with many customization options and 16 different code blocks, This Plugin lets you allow you to display the ads in many locations including before content or middle in the content or after content, selected paragraph or excerpt, before the title, etc.

As the plugin also installs a custom plugin, you will easily insert your ads within the sidebar and header too. Alternatively, you will display ads by using custom shortcodes.

It’s possible to customize the ads to display only to the logged-in user, logged out, or all users and users from a selected sort of device. you’ll also prefer to show the ads in older posts.

2. WP Quads :

WP Quads is a free Google AdSense advance inserting plugin. This plugin is being used on more than 100000 websites. The plugins can be used with AdSense as well as other websites too.

WP Quads is a very simple and easy-to-use plugin. There are many features of this plugin- It comes with the AMP Ready and it’s mobile optimized and responsive.

This Best AdSense WordPress plugin is rewritten from scratch with a solid code base and will be maintained and updated to be compatible with all future WordPress versions  

3. AdPush (best adsense plugin for wordpress)

Adpush WordPress plugin is an excellent solution to earn money by placing ads in WordPress website posts and pages, custom posts, search results, categories, and widgets.

Once you have activated this plugin then you will need to give the Adsense publisher ID to authorize your website. After successful authorization, you can put the ads on your website.  

The plugin allows you to show different types of ads including text, image, text and image ads, link blocks, etc. for every sort of ad, you’ll choose the format. Available formatting options include Horizontal, Vertical and Square resolutions.

you’ll also find several positions for displaying the ads. Lastly, you’ll choose a default color palette or choose custom colors for the ads.  

4.  Adsense Click Fraud Monitoring

This plugin is not the Adsense ad code inserting plugins, but it’s also related to Adsense. As you know that the google policy if any suspicious behavior occurred with Adsense then they will ban your account permanently.

Click Fraud monitoring is the plugin if any suspicious behavior will have occurred then this plugin will ban that user or IP where this unwanted click was coming. It’s a suggested plugin for you to install.  

5. Advanced Ads (google adsense wordpress plugin)

This WordPress Adsense plugin is the most simple plugin for all users and also it’s a partner with Google Adsense. This advanced plugin works with all the advertising companies like Google AdSense, Amazon ads,, Google Ad Manager (DFP), etc.

It comes with the ads.txt ready and supported so you don’t need to go to your Cpanel to install the  

This plugin will prevent your ad from being blocked by Adblocker or any other software hence your earnings will increase. by using this plugin you will get to know AdSense violating things on your website.  

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