3 Ways A Hacking App for Android Can Keep Your Elderly Parents Safe

3 Ways a Hacking App for Android Can Keep Your Elderly Parents Safe

When your elderly parents stay home all by themselves, it’s natural for you to be worried about their wellbeing. So how can you stop worrying and know exactly what is happening behind your back? There are lots of great monitoring solutions available on the market that can aid you to keep tabs on the elderly members of your family from a remote location. But it’s the hacking apps for Android that gives you more bang for your buck. You can leverage these monitoring apps to learn about your parents’ daily patterns.

3 Ways a Hacking App for Android Can Keep Your Elderly Parents Safe

3 Ways a Hacking App for Android Can Keep Your Elderly Parents Safe

In fact, Xnspy, for example, offers some features that can instantly notify you if something out of the ordinary is happening. Like, when your mom tries to venture beyond the designated area or isn’t receiving your phone calls. The excellent thing about this Android surveillance app; it doesn’t require any input from your elderly parents, and you can check in on them anytime by accessing your password-protected, web-based account.       

1. Record Phone Surroundings

Eavesdrop on cell phone surroundings when your aging parents aren’t receiving your calls. The surround recording functionality is a very useful feature of XnspyIt captures the sound and helps you understand what may be happening to your mother and or father. For instance, if your elderly parent fell down, or is in another emergency and cannot reach their phone, you can hear their cry for help by eavesdropping on their cell phone surroundings simply by sending ambient commands to enable the microphone on the device.

For an elderly parent who is living alone, the Android surveillance app sounds like a good idea since it turns their mobile device into a check-in device. All you need to do is set it up on your aging parent’s phone and gather all the vital information that will allow you to stay on top of things when it comes to keeping your father and mother safe. More importantly, Xnspy won’t cost you an arm and a leg as the basic subscription plan starts from $8.33/month. It sounds close to what a lot of us may want, so it’s probably worth a closer look.

2. Track GPS Location

As parents age, their offspring worry about their ability to take care of themselves. This has given birth to a huge industry that helps monitor the aging people to ensure they get the care they need and that too in a timely manner. But factors like memory loss, dementia, Down syndrome, and other diseases can make elderly people more susceptible. No matter, whatever the condition may be, the anxiety of the children or caregiver is the same. Especially, when you know your parent can walk out of the house at any hour of the day. As these incidents are growing, adult children are striving hard to find discreet ways of keeping an eye on their older parents.

An easy way around is Xnspy. Just make sure you and your parents are going to be comfortable with the approach you have adopted to monitor them. The Android surveillance app can help you prevent wandering with its advanced geofencing feature. The functionality lets you set virtual boundaries around your parents’ house and alerts you as soon as they step out of their jurisdiction (home). In addition, it will provide you the current location of the monitored person along with their location history. So it won’t take you too long to trace them. Not only the application comes in handy to safely bring your aging loved ones home, but it can also be used to encourage them to exercise on a regular basis. It’s the best way to keep your parents hale and hearty.

According to a study conducted by the Harvard School of Health, average women over the age of 70 spend a lot of their time either lying or sitting down during most of their waking hours. Another research by Neilson showed that the average people, who are over the age of 65, watch television for about 48 hours during the week. That is seven hours a day.

So it’s important that children should keep them moving because exercise holds physical effects of aging at bay by strengthening bones and muscles. Numerous studies have also shown that increased blood flow to the brain comes to pass as a result of physical activity can help senior citizens in keeping their minds sharper. Plus, it can reduce symptoms of depression.               

This doesn’t mean at all that you should ask your dad to sign up for a marathon or climb a mountain. A daily walk or pedaling a bike will do the job.

3. Email Monitoring

Phishing scams are on the rise and unfortunately, many adult children haven’t come up with a strategy to protect their elderly parents from this menace. Typically, phishing scams are fraudulent emails appearing to come from legitimate enterprises such as banks, internet service providers, universities, etc. These fraudulent emails direct you to the spoofed websites or get you to divulge personal information like credit card details, bank account updates, etc.

Once perpetrators get a hold of the private information, you can’t stop them from using the data to commit identity theft. Phishing scams are raw social engineering tools that are designed to induce panic in the target. Meaning, they are designed to trick recipients into clicking or responding immediately by claiming that the reader will lose a golden opportunity to bag this much cash, gold, etc.           

Inform your parents about these fraudulent claims as they are always indicative of phishing scams. Furthermore, tell them to be vigilant when making donations or purchasing items over the internet. Yet, it’s important you should discreetly monitor their emails and web browsing history by downloading hacking apps for Android. Because even if your parents are okay with the latest technology, chances are they may not be as tech-savvy as you or your children are.

And this gives con artists a big opportunity. Many senior citizens are of the view that if an email looks legitimate, it’s legitimate. This makes phishing emails a perfect trap for them because all a cyberpunk needs to do is use some official-sounding language, add the right graphics and make it seem to come from a government official, a utility company or their doctor’s office. Whatever the case may be, they will have little trouble asking your aging parent for cash or private information and most likely they will get it.  

Use a hacking app for android and remotely check all the sent and received emails of your old parents. For instance, Xnspy email monitoring software will allow you to identify any emails from strangers or unknown people. That’s not all, you can also leverage the hacking software for Android to view their online interests and subscriptions. In case, you don’t want to preoccupy yourself with every single email, the monitoring program will let you define certain email IDs that you would like to be notified about. So every time your parents receive an email from the suspicious contact you will get an instant notification.       

It an ideal solution to protect your parents against imminent dangers while allowing them to maintain a feeling of safety and independence.

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